My 1st eletric skate build and run *.*

Hello guys i almost finished my electric skate :smiley:

I have set the FOC for the vesc … and build the insenssial for make a run, and work perfectly :smiley:

I just need put some paper fish and put some thermal adhesive tape, and change my BMS, all this stuff is coming, maybe 1 week, or 2 week.

Calm down, i just drive 10 meters, and I have Heat shrink for separate the batteries (provisory fisher paper)

some picturs:

IMG_1029 IMG_1026 IMG_1027 IMG_1028 IMG_1030 IMG_1025

II don’t know why, but the most of people, prefer put the motor inside the board, but mine go outside, i can put more high, and this make, i have more distance between the floor and the motor


Nice build you’ve got and good that you have chosen a Vesc! The motor mount that you are using has some records of breaking quickly so if that happens to you this motor mount I can recommend for you (im using it also)


i know, the mount is famous for break fast, but i buy before know that.but i have another one, the mount took more than two month for arrive,and i asked a refund, and paid a second, and 3 month after the first order arrive XD so i have 2 for a price at 1.

If break, i have to see a another mount.

looking good, but the round trucks seems to be a little harder to “clamp” onto for the motor mount. Might want to look into welding it to the trucks.

i think many people use the caliber styled trucks as it is easier to clamp as compared to round trucks like paris

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Ya you are right, the caliber dont have this problem,i didn’t buy caliber because, i didn’t know if the mount will be to close to the board… I tightened hard, it looks very fixed, my problem is, this mount looks weak.

if you buy caliber trucks i think @dickyho do have some inexpensive mounts.

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they are perfect!!! how i dind’t see before … For sure, if mines break, i will buy this one. Thank you

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