My 20mph for 20miles Board $1500-2000 budget

So I made a post a while ago and got a huge response from all of you and got alot of help Thank You. I have decided for my “20mph for 20miles board $1500-2000 budget” I will be going with these parts listed below. I have been talking with dexter from who has been very very helpful I mean that is the best service I have ever received and I am gonna be buying all of my parts except one from them. I feel confident in what I am doing purchasing wise and think I am getting quality parts. Anyways just wanted to see what you guys think.

Electric Skateboard Motor 6355 170KV × 2 $180.00 Single Bolt On Motor Mount w/ Drive Wheel Kit × 2 $233.98 TorqueBoards v2 Pro Trucks × 1 $50 90mm Longboard E-Power Flywheels × 1 $50.00 TorqueBoards 2.4ghz Nano Remote Controller × 1 $60.00 Arbor 2016 Highground Longboard Skateboard Deck w/ Grip x 1 $119.95 Electric Skateboard Battery EPOWER Pack 10S4P 10ah 360wh × 1 $465.00 VESC BLDC Speed Controller × 2 $199.98 Dual VESC XT90 Parallel Connector × 1 $8.99 VESC CanBus Connector × 1 $6.99 Male to Male Servo Connector × 1 $1.99

Total: $1376.88


Any reason you aren’t going hub motor?

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I am not going to going with a hub motor in this build because I live in a relatively hilly area and dual motors on a boost on pro mode would get me up a hill at a medium pace and from my understanding if I want to go up hills hubs are not the way to go. Thanks for asking this question.

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I remember seeing a vid where dual carvon hubs on 12s could climb hills no problem.

but 6355s would be pretty much unstoppable. like a boosted dual +++++++ :heart_eyes:

I would add a anitspark switch for completeness. $50. so you have a nice power button like boosted.

and then youll need an enclousre, I think psychotiller is the closest option.

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The battery I am getting comes with a powerswitch and enclosure as well kinda stoked :slight_smile:

Hey is perfect time to order that other random crap if you don’t have it already…and bone up on the solder skillz if its been a minute … YouTube never hurts (unless you’re shopping for a Chinese clone eboard)

Sorry I do not follow completely with what you are saying all the parts I am buying are plug and play.

HUMMM… Bullet connectors will match?

Not even heat shrink?

Thread locker?

Do you know how you will be attaching everything to the board? Bolts, screws?

Will this be a solderless build?

Solderless build I just need to bolt stuff in which I am able to do

oh thats good, I hope its all plug and play since its pretty much a torqueboard complete…

maybe some lights?

Probably buy some lights in the future I dont plan on riding at night as of now but if I do I have a helmet light and a red flashing one for me back.

My battery to anti-spark switch to VESC all required re-soldering as the ends were reversed. Hope it doesn’t happen to you…

Looks like an awesome build otherwise.

Hi @chris.hunt. I’ve just ordered my parts from diy too. We’re building a pretty similar board except I went 190kv and gt2b. Should be plug and play too but I’m wondering if I need to solder the receiver to the Vesc to ensure no drops outs. The rest should be secure plugging it in, right? 5.5 bullets on motors and xt90 on battery.

I got my drive train today but the battery didn’t ship as they are backordered. Ordered Sunday received saturday.

I’m going to try to find a bright usb light and keep it simple with the USB ports on the battery.

Agree 100% on diy’s service. Great experience so far. Anyway I’ll keep an eye on this since I’ll probably hit the same bumps.

I don’t have mine soldered and haven’t had any dropouts for the past 2 weeks. I’m using the Winning Remote though

Probably connects to the VESC using the same fitting I would assume?

If you mean the servo wire then yes it should be the same for all Vesc to RX.

Nice yeah the battery has USB ports wow totally over looked that then haha well man best of luck :slight_smile:

Don’t be surprised if you need to do a little soldering…even supposed plug and play kits often require some modification to fit your board the way you want. That said, don’t be intimidated by it. I’m not particularly handy and I picked it quickly, I’m certain you can too. Definitely pick up some red loc-tight, some heat shrink, Velcro w/ double sided adhesive (great for securing VESC and receiver), and hot glue gun. If you need any help, just shout.

@Spek I’ve never used the gt2b but usually I just hot glue the receiver wire on the VESC.

What gearing did you choose? If you geared it low, be careful…your board will be a torque monster, takes a bit longer to get used to. I just bought the same motor for my current build. Will you be using the sensors? Here’s a pic, actually really like what I see so far. Key slot and dual flat spots on shaft gives you lots of motor pulley options. It’s also long enough for a 15mm pulley which is nice for a mono drive board.

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