My 3rd HUB Direct Drive for AT Version | Trampa ATB Skate Truck | 5.5 Inch HUB Motor for Kick Board

P20181229_141122469_941BF9C1-7EB1-47B3-94F2-705BBC7B0819 P20181229_141128897_FB77E993-124E-4131-8E60-FB027C5095B9 P20181229_141134761_1E28AC0E-2D7C-4DF3-B260-0B9355DF0E8F This is 6.5 Inch tire. Good torque but Maximum speed is not good. I can not be sure but it will be about 30 ~ 40km. This hub motor is around 30KV.








Making hub motor shaft.





I have tested it for a while. I do think the 8 inch tires are not good this HUB Motor. I think 7 inch tires or 6.5 inch tires are appropriate.

Customize point

  1. HUB motor shaft
  2. HUB motor inside cover(There is no picture. Sorry)
  3. ATB Truck hanger.

What motors are those?

@mishrasubhransu Almost similar below link.

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Well done Martin

What size is this stator?

I had done some quick math and for the same torque as a 5055 motor with a 14:70 gearing on 6.5" we would need roughly a 10070 motor (100mm diameter, 70mm length)

@Pedrodemio I’m sorry, but I can not get this information. It is already assembled.

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Interesting. Thanks for doing this for science.

It confirms my suspicions that it simply can’t compete with belt drives due to the gearing.

We need a whole new drive category now. 4w2wd

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I need more test. battery consumption, etc.


It can, but the motors must be huge, you have to keep the same torque output despite the lack of gearing

At least in theory, will know more when mine leave the paper

Yeah but that’s why it doesn’t compare since you won’t be able to run the same size wheels at least skatewheels or sure.

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As an example, lets say that we have a 100mm wheel with a 14:40 gear ratio and a 6355 motor

to keep the torque with a similar motor geometry, just scaled up, first we restrict the motor diameter to 80mm, even that is really close to the ground

We would need a 8097 motor, ultra wide truck needed

That silent startup :star_struck:

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Battery is 12S. ESC is VESC4(FOC Mode).