My 6S battery just died

I was driving a uphill and my battery just died due a short circuit… I thought it was the ESC but it is the battery, multimeter reads 0.0V… Tested the esc with a small battery I have at home and ESC is ok.

What should I do? I am thinking to buy 18 cells of Samsung INR18650-25R 2500mAh - 20A to build a 6S battery 7500mAh or should I buy two 3S 5000mAh from hobbyking?

Getting tired of Diy things… have always to fix something… Maybe it´s better just to buy an Evolve bamboo street and then don’t need to worry about it for a 1 year or 2… just thinking loud here.


If you build it right it will be just as if not more reliable !

What issues did you have?

Try heat shrink or hot glue around wire connections. It will insulate it stoping short circuits.

I highly doubt that the battery is dead, especially since it is 0.00v, usually they are just really low. Do you have a BMS on there? That may have died and is not ouputting voltage because of it.

did you check fuses and the cells themself ?

Bms burned long time ago, so no bms any longer… I have checked thru a multímeter and it gives 0.0v which is strange… Although cheking the cells I have 2 cells with 3,7v each and the rest is dead…

Fuses I did not check, Ive checked the battery as it self… Does this battery packs have any fuses inside?? But if there is a short circuit in the battery, it can go dead, right?[quote=“B4Me, post:5, topic:14624, full:true”] did you check fuses and the cells themself ? [/quote]

So did you open that battery pack? If there is 2 cells okay it’s the third one next to these two which shorted.

Please open the pack up. It is the only way we can tell that it is REALLY broken. Maybe some of the nickel strip ‘snapped’ as well from the short circuit.

I´ve open the pack, 2 of the cells burned literally… No fuse around.

:confused: did they get hot?