My bearing blew out?!

How does this happen? I head an odd noise from the wheel and when I looked down I saw the attached picture. How did that happen?


lube dude… keep em clean, lubed and racey

you ever clean em? you ever lube em?

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Yeah same thing happened to me, my wheel rolled off tho and nearly went down a gutter drain :joy:

were you using speed rings?

Well bearings will not last forever. If you don’r lube them and clean em on regular basis they will worn out fast

My buddy did this to me on his boosted… Didn’t clean them…next thing you know we were in a group ride and I was carving 22mph down the street(borrowed the boosted while mine was down) and the rear wheel just rolled passed me…I was really perplexed… Until I realized I was now on a 3 wheel skateboard…

Cleaning and lube should be done every 50-100 miles depending how hard you ride


I use grease now. Lasts a lot longer than oil. Lately I have been using lithium grease in a spray can, just pop the seals an spray the balls lightly… done!


Been using grease, was highly suggested for less maintenance on silverfish. Stayed lubed longer side by side vs oil in a idler (oil bearing seized). Started using grease on all my bearings now. Less roll speed when spinning by hand but can’t feel difference when riding, even put it on my push board.


Thanks everyone for the suggestions, if just never seen that before. And your all correct, I have never cleaned them. So if you don’t clean them does the heat cause the cap to pop off? My bearings definitely have a steal cover over a soft seal. I’m just curious.

if you don’t lube them, the ball bearings start to wear and chunk, causing a lot of friction and even seals to be blown off.


That must be a joke. I’d just a s soon replace the bearings every 500 miles than deal with all that.

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Guys just spray down your wheels after every ride with water then pat dry Iv been using the same bearings for over 3years on my daily it works. Also for lube use thin bike chain lube with a needle bottle that way you don’t need to take everything off.

Cough Self plug cough


Sidewalk cracks and rough roads can be hard on bearings.

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Happens all the time and mine get real shreaded

Just get sealed bearings if you don’t want to deal with grease.

That was because I forgot the spacer remember :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasn’t gonna say who lol. :wink:

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What type of bearings were you using? You should get built-in bearings like zealous

I wish someone would.make 10x22x8 bearings with with built in spacers. That’s would be the shiznit!