My board is overheating, pro 4 space cell enclosure

Figured out what was wrong with my board, its over heating. i plugged it into BLDC after a long ride and got it to do what i has been doing while plugged in and i got a over temp fault code. So what can i do to fix this, i have alot of hill around me and thats what seems to be over heating my board. What is the max temperature limit i can set my vescs to?

did you check your belt tension? How about the motor’s temp after a few runs?

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I did tighten my belts, Hmm. It showed around 100 degrees

Belts too tight = motor working harder = higher temps. Make sure your belts aren’t too tight. They should be firm yet squishy. I tend to leave mine on the looser side and adjust if my teeth are skipping during hard braking/acceleration.

correct @Jinra. @Chris604 don’t tighten them! Running them loose will only strip them and certainly won’t overheat any of your electronics. First of all, i don’t think they can be too loose in your current standing because you’re going up hills already. Always check for drag and friction = heat (which is no bueno amigo!)