My boards receiver doesnt want to bind

mhmm, lemme think

Try to flip the wires for the reciever if you already havent done that? It says you shall hold the button until it flashes green(2 seconds it should take).

No luck :frowning:

Can you show me how you have connected the reciever, and can I get a link of it?

Ive posted one above, i think this is what u want

You see the black on the right side, and if it is in the second row you shall have the channel of the controller connected to channel 2.

Btw what channel do you currently have it on the controller and reciever?

ive had it in channel 2 since ive tried binding it with the loop key in BIND or CH3. Should still be the same?

dont have the loop key in when you have bined them, try to the have esc wires on the second row there it says channel 2, and have the controller on channel 2 too… remove the loop key

Thats eactly what ive done

Well I can help you more tomorrow and call you on skype for live “helping”?

sure! my skype is camyboy3

or right now actually if you want to…

yea sure now works

sent req.

nothing yet ;/