My boards receiver doesnt want to bind

Ive got the GT2B Receiver and transmitter. I havent been able to succesfully link them… They reiceiver will flash red, i get the bind but doesnt want to give it gas… Do i need to reprogram the esc? Is my motor shot? whats the issue? PICTURES

Watch this

do have the servo lead plugged into CH2? and the right way round?

I can’t see anything wrong from those pictures but i would have heatshrinked the wires going into the xt90s

also the connector just before the esc and antispark loop looks to be showing a bit of metal that might want covering

If you follow that video correctly and make sure after you bind it, then turn of the board and take out the bind plug, if that doesn’t work something else has gone bad

yea ive tried the video, doesnt work still

Videos are helpful. Please try to bind it and show the receiver in the video; it helps us help you.

Flip the ESC cable around. The black wire should be on the other side. From left to right it should go: white, red, black

You have it the opposite way.

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Turn the TX on first then the ESC, always.


just tried it and didnt work, Doesnt matter how i try to bind it, it seems

Your Tx and Rx are bound. It looks like the ESC that’s not set up. You need to calibrate the ESC using your ESC instructions. This will allow the ESC to understand the end points on your TX trigger throw.


How does one recalibrate a esc? Ive got this diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/single-motor-120a-6s-esc/

I know how you do that I have had this ESC for a while ago

Do this: The set button is the little round button on the on/off switch

Click the picture for better quality

remote doesnt have EPA/ATV, nore the SET button. Tried using “bind” but didnt work… Im not sure this works with the HK-GT2B

nononono! Its not the remote its the ESC! I have done this. Okey I can tell you what to do!

First switch OFF the ESC, then connect it to the battery pack. Turn ON the transmitters(controller) and pull the throttle of the controller backwards end position(braking).

Then you hold the SET button on the ESC and switch it ON, wait 2 second for the GREEN LED to begin to flash and the motor make beep beep, then release the SET button and pull the throttle of your controll to neutral also just let the throttle go to middle. Then you will hear a continous beep sound and see a red Led blink continous. then click SET again and you will hear another beep!

Now drag your throttle trigger to the end of your front position of the controller and press the SET button one time and you will hear the motor beep beep.

Lastly push the throttle trigger to the end position of backward and press the SET button one time, and then you will hear beep beep beep. red and green will blink, then the throttle range calibration is done. the motor can be started after 2 seconds.

My esc doesnt have a set button…

The little button on the right is the SET button

so this step “wait 2 second for the GREEN LED to begin to flash and the motor make beep beep” there is no green led and no blinkin

You HOLD the SET button while you turn it on, keep holding the SET button until it starts to blink