My Build As of Late

Here is my first build. All the electronics have arrived and are wired up.The parts are slowly coming in but here is what i have so far. I also got the torque-board programmer to make sure and maximize my ESC. I went middle of the road for most the stuff and so far getting the right wheel size/ board / truck spacer is the most complex part. Overall cost is about 500$.

Controller = Generic 2.4ghz reciever; Amazon ESC = Hobby style FVT ESC 2s-6s Power Switch = Anti Spark switch from DIYelectricskateboard Battery = 2x 3s 8000mah 40c ABS Enclosure = DIYelectricskateboard

See photos.


What motor you think of using ?

You have a loop key and an anti-spark switch? Maybe this could be simplified a little bit.

Nice pictures. Those battaries look HUGE! Be sure to update the post when you make progress! Hmm, antispark switch and loopkey?

I guess he wants to charge the batteries one at a time and uses the loop key to separate them. At 3S however it is easy to just charge them in their series configuration - so that loop key should in fact be unnecessary.

I would Just skip the switch and save me $$.

Which motor are you using? hopefully not the one in the schematics which looks very high kv (thus, very low torque)

Here is the prototype completed. Santa Cruz shark tail board, Paris 180mm trucks and a DIYelectriclongboard mount. I used a extra motor I had sitting around. Not sure of the kv but it is 1200w. I used tnuts to mount the enclosure. Tomorrow I am planning a distance and speed test. I decided to use the anti spark loop in conjunction with the switch solely for the fact I do not trust Lipo technology yet. I had an RC car almost catch the house on fire. I just wanted more safety in place. Remove the loop when charging and I will charge separately. I may buy another charger to get them both charged at the same time. I have had sparks fly using 2x 3s to 6s boards. So Iā€™m just keeping them separate for the foreseeable future.