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My build: custom street cruizer, low street set up hopefully can make it AT compatible later down the track

I’m new to the whole e-board community and am a bit green, so bare with me! Have been riding double kick boards all my life. Longboard’s, production e-boards for about 6-8 months.
Have read a lot on this forum and others and finally ordered all my parts for my build.
Going for a Bustin 41" drop through ROBOT deck, Enertion SPACE Cell 10s battery, enertion trucks, single motor mount with the 6372 motor and Enertion controller. Alien Power Systems 120a 4-12s HV ESC modified. Siesmic 73mm 80a speed vent wheels and bones ceramic bearings.

Also ordered a Sulaco V1 enclosure from Rik at RUNPLAYBACK who honestly has been a champion with great communication.

Currently in the process of making my own Vacuum form box to house the ESC which won’t fit in the Sulaco enclosure. Also for future builds.

Let me know what you all think and I’ll post photos of the build, vac box etc as soon as shit starts to arrive.


Sounds like a great build @Sporter! Keep us posted!

Looks sick motor looks good space cell sill definiently save you time charging and worrying. Maybe try a vesc instead of the esc can’t speak from personal experience mine hasnt arrived yet but so far these are the most recommended.

Yeah mate I have heard a lot about the VESC and will definitely switch over to one of these if I feel the need later down the track. Hopefully the Alien Power Systems ESC is all good tho!!.

Bustin Robot deck and my bones ceramic’s arrived today! Getting excited as all the gear starts to rock up.

Deck: Bustin Robot 41" drop through limited edition.

Finally things starting to show up. Bought this small aluminum electronics enclosure off of ebay, perfect size for my ESC. Wrapped it with 3m carbon fiber film. Also got my 73mm seismic speed vent wheels.

Dunno if anyone is even following this :joy: but anyway, finally received my order from Enertion besides my S.P.A.C.E Cell Battery.
After mounting the wheel pulley to my Seismic Speed Vents I assembled the 190kV motor + motor pulley to the Enertion Trucks, then decided to mount the mono drive set up to my drop through 9 ply Bustin ROBOT deck.
This is where I ran into a few problems. Having never built an eboard before I was thinking there may be a few small hiccups and fiddly things I would need to sort out.
First and biggest problem was the motor having nowhere near enough clearance to be mounted to my deck! So the pictures below show how I went about it.
Literally spent the next 4 hours with a dremel and a chisel hacking away at my brand new 41" deck!! But I was not taking no for an answer.
Also this is a mock up so the hardware and a few other bits and pieces I just used until the rest of the shit arrives.

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Start of a fairly long process! Chiseled out about 3 ply deep and 2"x1" rectangle. The moment when I realised my “low street drop through set up” was going to be a lot easier said then done. Had to dremel out a fair bit more as the original section didnt do much at all. The trucks couldn’t even sit straight, motor was scrubbing. So this is after I went down about 4ply deep. Really didn’t wanna go past this depth as was a bit worried about the structural integrity after a section like that is removed. At this point i got the trucks on and the motor was sitting right but still scrubbing fairly hard and had no clearance between motor and deck. So without smashing away any more layers from the bottom section I then chiseled out the drop through mounts, so the trucks would sit recessed and flush with the top of the deck, dropping the trucks hoping for enough clearance. When the trucks were tightened the motor still slightly hit the deck so was still a no go! At this point I really didn’t know what else to do besides buy a normal mount long board deck or switch to the smaller motor. After a bit of thought, I actually changed the lower bushing washer to a thicker washer about 3 times the thickness which then changed the angle of the truck enough to lift the motor and give it clearance, seems to be fine when under a bit of flex too so fingers crossed.

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I’m following this build :wink:
It concerns me a bit when I see how much you had to remove from the wood on the weakest part of the deck. While carving you give a lot of pressure on the skateboard and maybe you’ll break your tail and loose truck and motor.
Have you tried to steer? Cause that’s where I get clearance trouble between motor and deck.
The most drop through electric skateboards end with top mounted trucks because of clearance issues, but I know that you wanted a low street set up. Fingers crossed that the wood is still strong enough.

Another note, be careful with the washers under the bushings.
You change the geometry of the truck and it could have negative consequences while steering or going fast (speedwobbels).
Maybe psychotillers motor mount could work if you install the motor to the rear of the truck.

Yeah I’m hearing ya man, seems to be steering fine with not much movement but thats gonna be with the rear trucks fairly tight and steering out front. As far as the removal of the sections I’m just gonna have to see how it goes. I’m only like 68kg too so I’m thinking will be all good.

Yeah mate I was just looking at his mounts and definitely a possibility. The angle change is minor tho man and it still all sits square. Will just have to keep an eye on it and time will tell.

And cheers for following!

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@Sporter as @Tarzan mentioned, the lack of clearance makes me nervous. It looks like as soon as you make a deep turn you’re going to have the can of your motor grinding into your deck. This will ruin the deck, damage the motor, and send you flying!

I’d reverse-mount the motor with a mount from @psychotiller or @torqueboards. Or top-mount the trucks. Or add some thicker truck risers.

I completely understand the passion that drives you to mod your deck to make it work just as you’d envisioned, but it’s always worth it to pause, take a step backward, and consider the options that will result in a better long-term outcome.

Nice work on the esc box, btw, I’ve used a lot of carbon fiber vinyl too!


Yeah I know what your saying mate and I should have went with the reverse mount in the first place but now that I have already gone as far as I have I want to try and make this work! Obviously if it’s going to be unsafe and potentially cause problems I will not use it the way it is.
I’m currently looking at ways to get a bit more clearance withot modifying the deck anymore than I already have.


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I agree with @treenutter. You really need to top mount your deck. As it is you are asking for trouble. Fix it before you ride so you don’t get injured.

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