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My build, i have a question urgent

Hi guys im new here, im trying to build my costum e-board, this are my parts:

83 trucks with wheels.
Battery from enertionboards
Motor mount from enertionboards
Controller from enertionboards
Pulleys and belts from enertionboards
Speed controller esc from enertionboards
Sk3 245KV motor from hobbyking

This is my setup, am i missing something?

Now my question is, at the moment to put all the things up, just by following a tutorial on youtube mande by enertionboards, would it be posssible to build it myself?

I dont know how to program, and i dont know much about electronics. But i think that if i waht the video tutorial from enertionboards i could make it. I guees its all plug and play.

Sorry for my bad english.

ur fine and no the vesc is not plug and play if u want plug and play i would suggest the torqueboards esc

If it is not plug and play, how it works?

Because in this video is seems that is plug and play. Hope you answer, bye!

thats the raptor so it comes pre configured for that motor

Im pretty sure the enertion VESC is set to default settings which is plug and play.
is this the case @onloop ?

if you buy all my stuff it all works together… maybe you won’t even need to do any programming…

just like my video… i literally plug everything together & it works!

however, the phrase “plug & play” can be a bit misleading…

For example, a toaster, it is truly, plug & play… one plug & you can make toast.

Building an electric skateboard will require tools, materials, time, knowledge, effort… patience!

I have worked for the last 2 years trying to simplify a complex task… I have definitely made the process much easier… but it’s still not a toaster.

Yeah thats what im saying, i want to buy from you most of the parts (exepct motor, wheels, trucks and deck) If i follow your instruciontal video of course i will need time, effort and do manual things, but when i say ¨¨plug and play¨¨ i mean no programing or cutting wires or doing something a little bit more technical, just follow your video.

I hope this month i can reach the money, one question btw, how much it would take to deliver the parts to spain? Bye @onloop

Well if you use your own trucks and decks, especially decks, then I am afraid you will need to do some wire cutting / soldering at the very least. Because you probably have different enclosure and slightly different length here and there.

Yeah, your are right, but will i need to program the controller to the motor? Thats the part that im afraid, i dont know how to program, thats why i think on buy on enertionboards controller and speed controller.

Even that you will still need to do some adjustment. Otherwise please ask @onloop to preconfigure them for you, then its plug and play (without programming). But trust me everyone have the same issue with that programming. Watch a couple of VESC programming tutorial for about 10 - 20 minutes solve all of this issue. More over there is @jacobbloy who could help you setting up VESC with his epic BLDC tool for windows or mac. If you really need special help, just ask him and provide him small donation for his service. Surely he will help. Cost abit more, but its a safe configuration then wont go wrong.

Oh in that case i would rather buy a cheap 20 bucks controller and programam it. Thanks.

Cheap controller would not be so promising in terms of performance also braking is the worst case for cheap controller. They dont brake that well, noisy brake or not braking at all. Its your choice.

What would you recommend?

Stay with VESC. Trust me. I have cheap 150A Car HK ESC, I have decent 100A HV ESC and I have VESC. From all performance I choose VESC. The compatibility, the versatility and the performance out matched all. It cost more at start surely hurts the pocket, but surely hurts more to me when I need to spend 2 more esc just to convince my self getting VESC.

I’ll buy cheaper remote, cheaper deck or cheaper wheels or what ever else cheaper, but I would start from VESC. Its the most essential components that you dont even need to switch once you’re set with it.

Ok thanks! Last question, sorry if im beeing annoying. For battery, what should i use? The Space Cell looks great and easy to install but its quite expensive, however Lipos are cheaper but it seems quite difficult to install them.

Space Cells are great, but if your on a budget use lipos. But you will need probably 2 lipos (depends on what configuration), one power supply, and a charger, even though, it will be cheaper, lipos are just a little bit harder to handle.

Yeah thats my problem, i want to use lipos but i dont know how to connect both of them to each other, and having a charger and on and off button, thats why i need to spend on space cells :frowning:

You will be fine with lipos, trust me, if a lipo breaks you only need to pay $30 when they are on sale, if the space cell breaks, thats a $300 repair. You can learn from members how to charge

if it doesnt burn your enclosure from over discharge

Well you are right, i will try to use lipos and look on the formus for a tutorial. I will save a lot of money.