My diy penny board monster almost ready

Dual 6374 on tb 218 truck Fsesc6.6 10s3p 25r (will probably find a way to fit 2×10s3p or 12s8p or 14 s life po ,dont care if its bulky i need range )

Still waiting for my pulley and chains ,xt90 antispark connectors,5.5 bullets connector ,12s8p lifepo cells , voltmeter

I will put red carbon fiber on mounts and deck all around with fiber resin

Any sugestion ?


Cool project. I would consider mounting those trucks in reverse, as an RKP truck should be mounted in the first place. Also, pls use the Esk8 News forum in the future :ok_hand:


Didnt saw that omg

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wheres your bms?

Big one under the pack , its an acton blink quatro battery pack

oh awesome. good luck!

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@kingmorons This looks crazy in the best sort of way! What’s your plan for pulleys on those wheels?

Thanks mate ,I will put spacers and drill hole directly into the wheels to fit the pulley , i wont use belt but chains


Damn, thats going to be punchy as hell! :stuck_out_tongue:

How much does this thing weight in total?

I dont mesure it but i would said 7-8 lb😁

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Looks like quite a monster indeed… though do u plan to run 2x of these batteries or just 1x acton pack? Otherwise, the battery pack might be a real bottle neck for such power dense setup.