My dream evolve CGT build (elofty direct drive, unity, 12s4p HG2, gt2b)

No more cutouts

No more 3 hour charge time

No more sag… by god, it’s a miracle.

The dream is closely coming together.

Smallish 12s4p pack, but it’s the only think the CGT deck from evolve will fit with unity + BMS inside.

Unity + HG2 cells cause 30qs are saggy for big bois like me.

A nice weatherproof fanless 6a charger for 65$ from aliexpress

Have a few select wheels to run, probably will stick with the stealth clones in 90mm that are suprisingly squishy and feel great… wouldn’t be shocked if they came from boosted China supplier :sweat_smile:

if not I’ll give the AT rubber 105mm wheels a go one day…

Solid GT2b remote from FLcustoms… sick molds that are tough and nicely customized from him.

And last but not least elofty direct drive with DKP setup :sweat_smile:

This is gonna be my new daily for the year… or maybe upcoming years unless I get my hand on that metroboard deck somehow :sweat_smile:image image image image image


This looks amazingly awesome! its the same dream i have for my carbon GT. I’m just not sure how much extra weight the motors are. PS consider fitting some cylindrical foam piping insulation with the same diameter as the motor cans over the front axle next to the wheels for the symmetrical look (quasi 4wd)

Thanks… but I will pass on the fake 4wd look. :laughing:

it looks great as is. And the weight is not bad at all, perhaps 1-2 pounds more then the regular evolve truck setup.

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Nice build! Where did you get those boosted clone wheels?

Those wheels are included free of charge from Lofty when you buy the DD…

They’re quite nice honestly.

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Oh cool, Yeah I really like the look of them!

Nice! Have interior shots to share?

@never4getf150forums Do you have updates on the direct drive performance?


been busy, i’d say it’ll be completed soon. before may ends.

really want to give it a good 100 miles or so before speaking on the performance.

but im fairly positive it’s gonna be a good review, considering others have had no issues and love it. :grin:

If you can give us some Wh / mile usage that would be also great :grinning:

These lofty builds are all so clean, looking good.



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board was completed a while back, rides great with the all terrain rubber wheels, literally dead silent… top speed is about 26mph, which is decent, and it has about 16-18 miles of range with a 12s4p lg hg2 pack.