My eboard Idea as a noob - looking for advises / help

Hello there,

I found the e-boards on youtube - since that moment I want to try/buy/own one. The thing is I am from Germany. And e-boards are not that common here. So I guess I am not able to try one first.

I had a skateboard years ago. Last time I was skating I broke my arm … But I hope the feeling of an longboard is better - and easier to handle.

My first thought was to buy a boosted board. But it’s very expensive and also I am big … heavy guy. And I am not quite sure about the max wight limit. Boosted board should also carry 120kg and above. Normal longboards mostly carry only 90kg. I am 195cm tall and my weight is around 120kg … But I will also carry an backpack with notebook and other “office stuff”.

While google’ing boosted boards I found this board. And now I want to build one by my own.

I want to use it for fun - and to go to work. So in the best case it should handle easy, but should be fun. The speed is not that important - but would be nice to run 25km/h Also nice would be if the board is light weight - but as long I can carry it on my backpack it should’t be a problem. The range is the focus I guess … more is better. But at least around 10km.

And I have a lot of questions.

deck: As I already told you I need a strong one. My idea was to buy a used cheap one on ebay - but I don’t know if it is too weak. Or build my one out of plywood or even carbon/fiberglass. Maybe I should go with a good deck made out of bamboo?!

motor: one or two? What is a good recommendation?

electric Not idea yet. … Is there a noob tutorial? (already found this one )

So far so good

Thank you all for your help

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Welcome and take a read

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Thank you - very helpful.

So I think I have to go with two motors. Currently I am looking for the right deck. And hopefully I can start my build soon.

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Also, make sure you read the thread on german esk8 laws. Its ilegal in germany for the moment.

Very good point…

I thought if I get caught it’s an 30€ fine or something. But it’s way worse … up to 1500€ and I cloud loose my license and stuff. I really want to ride one - but I think I should wait for a law change … or something. The German law really sucks at these points … And a real change can take years. I will check some German boards about the current situation.

There’s a discussion about it here:

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Thank you … it’s not the real thing - but I guess better than nothing

Good luck w/ the laws. If you still decide to get one before they are fully legal - you’ll want a super stealthy build and remember to kick/“push” if you see any police. And not be going super fast which is obviously motor powered…

super lame laws and hope they get sorted soon. Great “last mile” option.

Fellow big guy - so it’s totally doable (I’m 6’8"/2m and 265/120kg) - and not needing a ton of hill power even a single motor setup correctly can work (not win any races and might walk up steep hills).


Where I grew up is was illegal to skateboard on the streets or sidewalks! We didn’t get the laws changed by not skating. We got the laws changed buy fighting in court and making it on the news as a dumb law.

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It all depends where you live. If you live in a big city, chances are fairly higher that you will encounter a police man who has had a bad day. If you live in a smaller city then i am a 100% sure that you will not have any problems at all. Since EsK8 are to new to markets and there is no real legislation for them, they wouldn’t know what to do with you at the moment. A good example is the Quad-copter ( aka deadly drones ) scene. Everybody is talking of putting a ban on “drones” and/or making people register them ( just like in the U.S.) but haven’t yet done anything. People are still allowed to fly them everywhere, and have a few rules to follow which are common sense.

@sl33py yeah, a very stealthy build would be an option. But in this case is should also be very cheap… Do you know a stealthy build? Do you have a link?

In general I wound’t care that much if the fine only was 30 - 50€. But 1500€ … losing the license is a bit expensive. And the german law is always very so … So if I decide to only ride a legal eboard - I never will in germany.

@susplus I guess in my hometown I will never talk to an police man… I see one every 2 months … maybe. But in the city I work - were I want to use it I see 10 or more every day. Yeah drones are a good example - I know some guys how flying them. In the worst case the have to leave the area - no fine at all. But I think also the police is interested in them. And want to try them.

But if you’re riding something “illegal” the police hate’s you here … When I was 16 we hat the same problem with scooters. In germany you’re allowed to ride a scooter if you have the proper license. But the speed limit is 45km/h. So scooter tuning was quite common here. The police check almost every singe scooter - and if you were 5km/h above … you were in trouble.

I don’t know if it’s the same - because now I am “grown up” :smiley: but … I think it is almost the same thing.

I would actually advise against those since their decks are only 7/8 ply respectively, which wont be stiff enough for a 120kg+ load.

Cheap is tough. If i were trying to build the best “stealth” board and willing to sacrifice in a few areas - i would go hub motors and super thin batteries.

I’d look at @whitepony’s spud build - partially recessed batteries into board as an example (18650’s). But that’s a tiny board (for me and my skill at least - let alone being tall w/ long legs - not much room for big ass feet). His Vanguard is another great low profile example. I would blackout the whole board w/ black enclosure on black deck bottom. But hub motors are a bit $ still… and you will sacrifice some hill climbing ability vs belts (lets you gear down for hills/acceleration). But definitely more stealthy.

On a budget i’d look at funbox or similar for a deck you like, then i’d reinforce it for your weight and carbon/black it out to be stealthier. You can check out my super slow build Omen Chief, Omen sugar build, or board i did for my buddy - all show some CF reinforcement i did to an existing deck. Tips/tricks and lessons learned being a noobie.

I think the real giveaway to the police is seeing someone flying past at 30kph/20mph+, and not going downhill. So if you wanted to build something that was stealthy, PLUS set up some limits in VESC which limit your max RPM’s of the motor you can limit your top speed while still using 8/10/12s for more power to hubs. Then dial in a respectable speed that they can believe is by pushing (and occasionally kick when you see them). Being aware of your surroundings and possibly even chat w/ a local cop (not where you’ll commute through) to see if they are cool and willing to turn a blind-eye? Never hurts to make friends, but that’s rarely the guy/gal that’s going to see and stop you…