My electric longboard build

Hello everyone. I would like to share my e-longboard build. Lets start with a deck. Of course it would’of’been easier just to buy a deck but as a true DIYer I really wanted to build one and I really like to work with wood. SImple oak board with dimensions of 48x11x3/4 inches. I like that oak does not flex too much. This will help with battery housing problems.

Cut with a electric hand saw, trimmed corners with a router and sanded it all with a orbital sander. All these took place in my kitchen and I ended up with a lot of dust all over the place. But the job was done and I was proud of making it myself from scratch

After that I applied 4 layers of stain and 4 layers of clear wood finish (something like polyurethane for extra waterproofing)

After everything was dry I custom cut a grip tape which I bought from daddies board shop. I came with an easy solution of how to cut a grip tape effectively and clean: put the grippy side down and cut the smooth side with a utility knife. Use a metal ruler as a guide rail to make straight cuts. I bought there wheels and bearings as well. Tracks I bought in the store somewhere in the mall in NYC. My trucks are very wide - about 10 inch long. I made a mistake while designing deck. When I take a really sharp turn - and my trucks allow me to make 5 feet radius turns - deck touches wheel and board comes to a sudden full stop. And if you know physics you have already figured out what happens with a rider. Good thing that I have never experienced it. When my friend tried my board for a first time I warned him about possibility to become airborne but he still managed to go flying. It was very funny. Second mistake was that I did not check how the deck behaves in a relationship with wheels and i painted everything and put a grip tape on. Only after that I learned about this problem but it was too late to fix. I could fix it but I would have to take grip tape off and… it just would be too much work to do. So I left it the way it is and have an idea how to fix it later.

And I was very pleased with a result.

Compare my baby with longboards of my friends. This is during our first try to learn how to ride a longboard at boardwalk at Brighton Beach NYC.

This bulldog put out board to test


My motor holders: I bought half of the holder from alien drive and the second part i made myself as you can see. I had to use file to reduse diameter of the trucks to fit motor holders. Nyc if fucked up place and it is very hard to find someone who can do it on the lathe and if you lucky to find a guy he will charge way too much money. So i went old fashioned way and filed it down.

So, after some work i got my custom motor holders ready to go. Now have to work on a battery. Waiting for bms and working on spot welder made out of microwave transformer. If it will not work will just buy one of the chines ones. Ok comrades, got a chance to work on my board alittle bit. This is how i solved belt tension and not enough gripping surface problem. Just added bunch of bearings put on a bolt as you can see on the pictures. For some reason one side was a little bit more loose so I had to add two sets of bearings instead of one.

I ordered 18650 cells from and bms from china. Waiting for those to arrive and meanwhile thinking on the best way to do battery enclosure Kydex molding battery enclosure. Kydex i have is 0.125 inch and it was very hard to shape it. I had to put it back into the oven 3 times in order to achieve this result. I am pretty happy with result. This inclosure came out very strong and stiff. I can stand on it. It will protect my battery. For VESCs i will do separate enclosure. To be continued…



looking great! keep it up!

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Thanks man. Yeah, i am trying to complete this project but have only 1 day off and can afford to work on it only like 5-6 hours that day

Congrats on the DIY build so far TonyStark! Look forward to seeing it finished!

One thing to keep an eye out for is cracking - if this is not a laminate board and single solid piece of oak?

Nice work and GL!

Thanks man. Yeah, this is solid aok board. I have been riding it for a year now and no cracking yet. If it will crack or break i will go with plywood.