My Enclosure solution! Is anyone else interested?

I mean blunt force vs acute pressure

Like if I ride off a sidewalk and the part of the enclosure that holds my vescs hits a rock on the ground, would it take the damage sort of like a fiberglass enclosure? Or would it just" transfer all energy " to the vesc

Pardon my phrase choice, I’m not the best with physics :stuck_out_tongue:

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The easiest way around that to give you some piece of mind would be to sandwich a .5 inch thick foam mat between two layers of this stuff. So pebbles and the like shouldn’t cause any issue. It’s a soft sack.


thanks 10 charc

it’s pretty strapped down though. So its more like a strong leather belt strapped tightly arround the electronics, with a little space inbetween.

this looks amazing. Great work!

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Sorry guys something came up the last couple days so I didnt I have any time to work on this. I will definitly let you guys know more tonight

This is a great idea. What could be done now is to build a removable “shell” over this that you wouldn’t have to worry about waterproofing or even sealing at all. Hoyt (new company) does a bamboo shell like this:

This would also “beautify” this. I can see a pretty amazing enclosure for Loaded Vanguards and other flexy decks with a nice shell to make it look clean and protected.

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Wouldnt a Shell Brake under flex?

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Well you could be more creative about mounting it, or create like 2-3 different shells they would move independently of each other.

This is where I’m no good, lol. I’m sure someone here can come up with a badass method. Like an amadillo shell or something like that.

Even a nice box that you wouldn’t have to worry about weatherproofing to go over this.

What a good idea! see this is what its all about. The flex is intact. Attach the components to the deck with a velcro type solution, use a soft inner layer and this material for the security. @thiswasandy and the shell covering is inspired. Love this forum for free thinking. This is how simple ideas become the norm. Vibration is the main killer of esk8’s and you lot may have just hit on a great solution. work it baby work it!


Like an amadillo shell or something like that.

like this?



Hahaha I was just thinking that

Ok guys I have made some progress. I get the material with a width of 1.7m. Length can be varied. It would be great if we could all agree on one or two uniform sizes so I don’t have to cut each an everyone of you guys an individual piece. I can imagine 1.7m in width is quite big for you guys so what about if we take half (0.85) or a third (0.56). And for the length maybe 30 or 40 inches? Just tell me what you would prefer. And calculate a little bit more material then you would actually need so you can do the very precise cutting yourself. I’m gonna be honest with you guys. I personally pay for the material 7€ only per 1.7m^2, which is about 8.2$ US. I’m gonna make it simple any size below 1.7m^2 is gonna be just 7€ or 8$. Since I have to go get it and cut it up and put it up for shipping it’s just fair I think. Also safes me the trouble of calculating each price individually and I think its not gonna bust anyones wallet either :smiley:. Shipping to the US is going to be within 10,15 or 19€ depending on the package size. Within europe is a lot cheaper.

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This Idea sounds pretty amazing, if we manage to keep the flex somehow. I’m sure that would totally be possible. The material I presented here is already waterproof. I once poored lots of water on it under the sink. Wasn’t a problem at all. I’m sure it would be possible to make a great combination out of these two products. I find the idea of mounting the electronics with velcro and then putting a layer of this material over them very nice. And then just like @dareno said a shell over it. An Armadillo inspired shell :smiley: I was thinking curved little plates with a bendable connector would probably be enough. More like a few connected knee protectors adjusted to fit more or less arround the electronics. I think it does not even have to cover the whole bottom area to achieve good impact proofing. Just like the plstic plates on a back protector.

If it’s fiberglass… why not throw some resin on it and make it hard?

That destroys the flex Part

Not really… I have a 6 layer fiberglass enclosure and it flexes pretty well with my deck

Is it an enclosure from eboosted? Because He has a Resin that allows flex

No I made it and you are correct, you need the correct resin to allow flex

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Can you Share which Resin you used?