My Experience buying an M1

So I placed an order for the M1 on Sunday May 21, and it clearly said before check out that every board ships a week from purchase date… Kool no problem, Monday was a Holiday so that is understandable, So today I asked about the status of my order through their online chat, and I was told that It will ship out soon.

Soon after I get home I get an email from inboard, telling me that my order has been cancel as per my request -_-, which is BS since I never asked for it to be cancel… ( I have the emails as prove it )…

So I am just not going to deal with them anymore, and look to just build one instead of giving them my money!

What a disappointment!


They just did you the biggest favor ever!


I almost made the same mistake ordering the Acton Quatro. Fuiiiiiii !! Tha was a close one. :disappointed_relieved: