My far from perfect lil bitch. (NOT PLEASENT TO LOOK AT)

Got stuck in the rain. Waiting to get picked up by a mate. Thought I’d chuck the noble stead up, as Its an internet virgin.

Not really proud of it. Does the trick, rides supprisingly nice too (apart from the rear left flat spots that are almost rounded down)

Get about 70 odd k’s on a full charge. My battery config is odd, 10s Lithium-ion imageimage

Rate my shit haha


I think your board is a solid 10/10

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Hahaha thank you. Please don’t pity me

Hell, I’d ride it.


Hey man, i think when people read the title, the expectations aren’t high. But you must remember, this is a diy forum. One defo gets points for pretty, but the true test is functionality and consistency. If this whip is reliable and smooth as you say, then it’s probs right up there with the good ones. And honestly, really doesn’t look bad at all. Nice build.