My final build! Kegels // "Loaded deck" // 30mph // 6s 5ah //7-10mile range

So in my previous posts you will be able to find what exactly i used for this build (electronics wise) Now to completely finish my board id like to finish the apperance. I made a blank deck out of 5mm plywood (3 layers) it looks very similar to the boosted deck except it just doesnt have the same grain but to be honest i prefer mine haha. I went with the kegel wheels. And some 185mm trucks. I have actually got 2 of these decks and im going to sell one. If you interested please pm me. They will only be about £20. The reason why the top isnt varnished is because well grip tape goes over that anyway doesnt it. Any suggestions on what i can add? Ive already 3d printed some enclosures that are pretty similar to the boosted ones. I know the bolts are silver yes haha, i will be changing them as well.

Let me know any suggestions!

Also if the deck is purchase the trucks and wheels are not included also the deck has a much more of a bend in the middle than it looks, some reason it looks like there isnt even a bend but there is.

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Measure ments look very off in the photo but they arnt in real life

Nice build mate , glue some bamboo veneer on that to make it look a bit nicer :D. I would take both decks.

Which Flex (1, 2, 3, 4…) has the deck?

4 it is @miquelcamps

Thanks for your input, yeah might do haha. :slight_smile: you interested in buying one? @ajaynagra

Yeah have another idea in mind ill explain other PM.

How did you make the deck

Nice work! How much does the deck weigh? I might be interested in buying it off you, I wanted to lighten my board with a bamboo deck, but this might be the ticket.