My First Board: 18650 Battery Pack with BMS -Questions-

Hello Esk8-Guys, I am new here and i want to Build my first E-Longboard. I chosen those parts for it:

Board: Apollo Longboard Matei Special Edition Komplettboard mit High Speed ABEC Kugellagern inkl. Skate T-Tool, Drop Through Freeride Skaten Cruiser Boards

Motor: Some Sk3 with 100-250kv

Mount: Selfmade CNC

Now I am looking for an ESC with brake. (Maybe someone know one who is not so expensive)

But I opened this post mostly to ask for my main question… I normally wanted to use a zippy 6s. But now I read the better way would be a Selfmade 18650 pack. But I never done that before. So can someone share his configuration with me? Or can help me…

I want to have 6s about 5000-10000 mah and a bms. (I only found bms up to 60a but I think I need one with ~100Amps?.. Discharge)

Main question is how to wire them when I want to get this specifications. (Like 6s/2p)

I would be very happy if you could share links :slight_smile:

Best Regards

60 A Discharge should be more then you need

My Friend and me use this ESC. And for the Price it is perfect.

for the configuration of the 18650 Pack just search this Form you should find a lot of info

Thanks for sharing your esc, that one sounds good. I heard that some esc would brake instantly and too much. How is it with this one?

(I forgot in the first post, I don’t want a Vesc because I am from Germany and can not understand all of the things you must configure to get it working, and the price)

I am also from Germany :smiley:

The problem with the hard breaks is mostly with boat and plane ESC because those crafts do not need breaks^^

Since this is a Car ESC you will be fine with the Break They are a bit noise but its not to bad.

Ok thanks so much :wink: now I know which esc I will buy.

I should noticed that earlier (DerBrecher) :smiley:

Did you puplished your setup somewhere in the forum? I am interested.