My first board, With Larger Wheels

Hey everyone

Im new and am interested in building my first electric skateboard

In the passed i have done alot of RC stuff and so have a prity good understanding of the electronics side of the board. Because of where i live i want to build one with bigger 6 inch wheels. (we dont have footpaths, just dirt) This is where my problems start. after researching abit i cant seem to find wheels and a drive system.

if i could have some help finding a system or if someone could point me in the right direction that would be amazing.

also i have to say this community is awesome, one of the friendliest i have ever seen, im excited to hopeful be a part of it and meet some of you awesome people.

Anyway Thanks a Bunch

Welcome! I made 6" wheels awhile back but production proved to be too expensive…I love them though. At some point I will make more. If you are ready to build your board now onloop has 5" pneumatic wheels in stock I believe. And they come with drive pulleys. Post pictures of your build!

Sorry no stock of the 5" wheels at the moment :disappointed_relieved: Will get them back eventually… but I had to hold off my investment in the stock because I am testing some (secret stuff) for a 5, 6 & 8 inch pneumatic wheel. Depending what (secret stuff) work out the best I need to make sure the new stock of the (non-secret) wheel has a similar offset & tyre so that the ride & performance are optimized.

More to be revealed later!

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Yer i was planning to use onloops 5 inch wheels. It sounds like my best bet might be to wait until they are back in stock. In the mean time I guess I have time to research what board im going to use.

I should add also i have ordered 2 Turnigy Aerodrive sk3 motors with corresponding ESCs to run dule motors. Im still yet to order the batteries, I wanted to wait untill I had the board so I could get the right size batteries. Also i plan to run 8 cells.

thanks anyway I will keep researching and keep you upto date if I find another set of wheels.

have a look at AD he does some nice stuff…