My first build and I screwed!

IMG_20180830_154131173IMG_20180830_154105542_HDRIMG_20180830_154053387_HDRIMG_20180830_154137693 Took several hours assemble everything :joy: and also I believe ruin my battery I shorted the battery charger port. Very expensive mistake and I just ruin the BMS.


I know the feeling finished my board took it for a ride rode fine… After around 5 more rides everything went to shit VESC (blew), 2 Batteries (Screwed), and Motor mounts (loose). Hope you can fix it.

So whats next?

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I’m going to order new charger port and hopefully, the battery BMS still functional not ruin.

Can you take any photos of the BMS?

It’s sealed I have to open it. Maybe tomorrow will take a picture.

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Honestly I don’t believe anyone has successfully assembled their first board without damaging or frying something unless you buy a pre-built kit & pre-built battery. Veterans should always let new builders know they should factor that into their cost unless they have significant electrical & DIY experience. When I was first building I planned on making 2 boards at the same time, but it was a good thing I bought 2 of everything because I sure as hell ended up needing spares & replacing crappy hobby parts.


For me very expensive mistake. Im freaking out! Seeing smoke! Coming out from the charging port and prong is melted! In my mind: oh sh**! It’s going to explode!" Run outside put the battery on the ground! And nothing happens. Test the battery voltage is fine. Installed in my board run it for couple miles the battery is warm but not hot. I’m not sure if can charge the battery? because shorted it. Pardon my grammar second language.

How do you have your BMS hooked up? Do you bypass the bms for discharge?

Before anyone can help we need to see the wiring

I purchased the battery from AliExpress. Not sure how they wired the BMS. I have to open it maybe tomorrow. Will post a pics. Thanks

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Battery is smoking - hmm maybe I should ride a few miles that will fix it :rofl: Dude you should be careful that battery doesn’t burn your whole board down! If this forum had taught me anything: when something doesn’t seem right, stop! Don’t ride! Investigate and fix.


I know very stupid action. Sometimes, emotions override any logics. I put the board in garage surrounded by bricks.


I didnt with my first build but my First was simple. Vesc a couple of LIPO No bms and No problems, but i read alot and watched many Videos to Not make a mistake. But If people make a dual with bms ect as their first build Then there are many things that can go wrong. Like hooking Up the chargeport wrong

Yeah I think the Bms & battery making are what are most difficult for beginners. I also had a problem finding a motor mount that wouldn’t rattle loose. I went through 3 sets of mounts before I found some that would last. Never buy mounts that only secure with grub screws. C clamps & idler pulleys are the way to go.

Also I screwed up buying hobbyking motors w/o good silicone phase wires. The sharp metal where the wires entered the motor vibrated until they were completely cut through and shorted out.


Finally… open it, check the freaking cheap BMS doesn’t look like a BMS to me somewhat circuit protection board? Check didnt notice any burn marks also check all the wire connection seem okay.IMG_20180831_070541679 Can’t open this part of the BMS totally sealed😥 thinking forcing rip the cover probably not a good idea. IMG_20180831_072331913 Velcro straps.