My first build, Autumn photo session

Hi builders! Today was nice day outside, no rain, so i decided to do foto session of my build. I haven’t ride with it, because i still waiting for gt2b. I hope autumn will give me some nice riding days before winter kicks in:) Last weeks was raining and windy! So my setup is:

2x4s zippy 8000mah 30c in series (8s); sk3 245kv motor with silicone wire mod; 83 mm wheels (clones); 12mm pulley system from enertion (36t/15t); VESK from enertion; 2x 30 cm electric blue LED strips; voltage converter to12v for LED strips; homemade motor mount; cell checker; GT2B with mod case; XT90s anti spark loop key as a switch; 2x rocket switches 3A, one for LED, other for cell checker; homemade enclosure (from plywood); 11mm risers+ thin rubber risers what already were for my longboard; Choke longboard with noname trucks.

When i’ll get my GT2B i’ll do same vesk programming, hope will not burn it or hope it will be working. Because i’ve read some posts where people had their VESK already with some errors when they arrived. But i’ll hope for best :slight_smile:


Thats a clean build

Awesome! Nice enclosure, and I love the green motif!

Some more photos with LED lights on:)

Nice Job!!