My first build - light deck mono drive

Hi everyone! I am new to this and after reading a lot I am planning my first built with the enertion stuff because it seems very easy to start with.

What I am looking for: Ultra light, small and portable skateboard that can go a around 20mph. I will use it for commuting 4 miles everyday… Have to carry it on tube train bus so I’d like it to be light. Do not care about range too much 5 Miles is enough for me.

My plan: Here is my list so far, I’d like your opinion before I commit to buy, I just have the duster board at the moment.

  • charger

And now for the questions:

  • is my board too small?
  • will the skate reach 20mph?
  • Can I use a smaller battery?
  • what else do I need to buy to be ready to assemble everything?

I’d really like your feedback! Thanks Luca

Unfortunately you’ll have to add VAT and import duty to cost - if dealing direct with another country

Please check this thread out

It can give you options

You might have trouble fitting the spacecell pro on the deck. I think it just might barely fit in between the wheelbase but there’s no way of knowing forsure unless you get the dimensions. The space cell is 8.05" wide and 22.05" long

@dogeatgod is right, add 20% at least on those

I don’t know, maybe on a board that small i will prefer to have more space instead of a big kicktail, I suggest something like the Spud deck used here: maybe? but it depends on your riding style / ability - also check this topic and search for spud - from that thread I found this deck that is 33"

Yes for sure, you have 10s, it will go at 28mph max speed on flat ground

yes there are smaller voltages (S-es) and amperages (capacity)

there are some tools in the previous enertion howto motor mount video 1-motor

If you want to do this small light and cheap, go for 5000mAh LiPos. 10s (2 x 5s in series) will get you your range and speed easily. If you wanted to go cheaper and lighter, go with 8s (2 x 4s in series). I think you might struggle on 6s with the load and also reaching your top speed.

I agree with @makepeace use rd lipos the space cell is Begley expensive and I don’t think u will fit it under the deck u purchased, u can get the same results with lipos. Also where are u getting a vesc for 69 Euro?

Thank you everyone for your reply! VESC was £69 not euros, from enertion (plus shipping and taxes)

I’ll to consider other batteries and maybe deck, and come back to you! :smile:

What about recharge problems for lipo battery…do i need to worry ? I don’t mind spending a few hundreds buck more to avoid Fire in my house … I was thinking to use SPACE to minimise the risk but I am not sure If it will change anything at all.

If your planning to go over 10 mph, then I would recommend a larger deck with wide reverse kingpin trucks. Something like what downhill longboarders use. I’m using a 39" x 10" deck with a 33" wheelbase and 10" 44deg trucks, 90a and 95a bushings very tight in the rear and snug tight in the front with 90mm wheels. This setup is stable at 20+ mph. And at that speed, I also recommend a full face helmet, gloves, knee guards, elbow pads and even leathers if your really serious about road rash protection. Because at 20+ mph, things can go sideways in a moment and you can find yourself sliding across 20 grit asphalt.

I’m interested in basically the same thing I’m using a 15" wheel base street deck 8.75" wide and it goes 23mph and is surprisingly stable I average around 15mph and is totally fine on 76mm flywheels. I’m using a TB 230(190)k 6355 single drive And I’m looking at going even smaller with chaca’s 50mm motor. I’m a pretty big guy 6’3" 220lb I’ve been amazed at the torque and speed you can get out of a single drive. I’m using a 9s set up right now 3x 3s @4000mah

Hi again, I am checking for alternative to the enertion motor, and this one seems very interesting, I would really like some expert opinion :slight_smile:

  • Alien Power Pack 6S 8000mah 35C Lipo MAH: 8000 N° of cells: 6S/1P Nominal Volt: 22.2 Discharge rate: 35C

  • Charger: 100-240v Aluminium case v25.2 5amp fast charger with Led and fan

  • APS 150Amp 4.4KW Twin motors E-board DIY Kit This is the twin 4.4Kw system by Alien Power System. Kit is made for work with the Alien drive kit 36t-40t The system includes:

1- Twin 150Amp 2-8S BEC ESC . The ESC can drive 2 brushless motors that can be programmed separately. The controller have just one wire for signal imput.

2- 2 x 50mm Alien motors, 270KV, 2200watt, 60Amp, 50mmx65mm, 8mm shaft, 9t, weight: 380g complete of 3mm keyway on the shaft to fit pulley or sprocket. The new Alien motors are customized products.

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:neutral_face: 50mm motors?

Better to stay with 63mm cans

Also the twin esc is really just two ESCs mounted and wired to look like a single unit…(they say program sperately because I think that may be the only way how)

Same thing can be achieved with two different ESCs lol

I see no reason to pay a premium when you can get a y-cable for the reciver/ESCs connection and make your own power cable to hook up the ESCs …

If ur gonna DIY … Might as well go all out :metal:t2:

Also alien power pack…hummm.

I think your really paying for the country convenience … Lipo packs off hobby King, eBay … More bang for the buck…

I say spend extra on motors and ESCs

Few people told me the same thing about this solution… I am a little lost Now… What is a setup I can buy now, with component that are in stock or coming in stock very soon?

What do you think of the single kit from diyelectricskateboard? product/semi-complete-2650w-single-motor-electric-skateboard-kit/

I am under 70kg and I need to use the skate for max 4 miles a day… Not a lot of hills… I Don’t care about range or speed over 25mph…

I have just brought 3x 2s lipo and I’m wiring them in series to make a 15000mah 6s and its thinner at only 20mm easily spread across the board to make it look neater. They cost £30

I’m assuming each pack is 2s and 5000 mah? 3 of those in series will give you 6s at 5000mah. 3 in parallel will give you 2s at 15000mah. You’d need 9 of those packs to get 6s 15000mah.

I though was the other way o well but I have in series