My First Build Log

I had been wanting to post a build log on my budget board for quite some time (over a year), and i finnaly got around to doing so. The Electronics and stuff were fairly simple, but the hardest part for me, is that i decided to build the deck. I did this build back when I was 12, so if it looks like a newb’s work, guess what? It is! I used a 90mm hubmotor drivetrain I got from ebay, and I am very happy with them. They are powerfull enough to get me up almost any hill, and because of the size, they are epicly smooth. For the esc, I used a 60 buck cheap ebay esc, which was sold by the same seller, and it workes pretty good. It came with a transmitter which I think is a winning clone. I used tupperware enclosures, and held up the dual 5s 3000mah batterys with metal strips, and battery straps. For the deck, I used 4 sheets of 8th inch baltic birch, and 2 layers of fiberglass. I then took an image of a loaded vanguars, and made a template of it, which I used a jigsaw to cut out. I would not recomend building a deck.



nice work! im currently on my first build too and will be making log as well. best of luck on future builds. your pics helped me out in the visualization process.

Glad to be of some use.