My first build! - Low $ Toe Dipper / Banggood 5065 200kv / 6s / ESC TBD

Hi Everyone! This is my first post and build, and I’m grateful for all the information on the community.

I’m new to skateboarding, and have never ridden an esk8. This is a very economical (not “cheap”) first project. It is just for playing around to try the hobby, not commuting or long distance riding.

I’ll be the primary user. My elementary school age kids will want to try it too. I’m about 200 lbs. If we like and use it, I’m happy to build new boards later or upgrade parts. I want top speed limited to 15-17 mph, and would like to be able to limit it further for my kid’s use.

I’ll use the following parts:

Can you please help me pick an ESC? A VESC looks flexible but seems a bit daunting to program. Also, it would be nice to spend less than $160, which seems to be the going rate for an Ollin Boards or FOCBOX unit.

Thanks for your guidance!

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Just want to say that you could be saving money and getting a better product by looking for longboards on ebay/craigslist. There are people out there who buy nice boards but never end up riding it or just don’t like the hobby so they end up selling them on sites like eBay for way less than half the price they paid for something that’s pretty much new! I’d give that a shot, maybe you can find a great deal.

Also I’d recommend going the extra mile and getting a VESC, it is a bit of a pain to program but there are many guides on this site on how to program them and this community exists to help each other out, so if you do have any issues or questions you can always come back here and I’m sure someone would be more than happy to help :slight_smile:


I looked for used boosted boards, etc. However, to me, building things is almost always more fun than actually using them. I just love projects. The REAL goal is to design and build something cool!

I hear you on the VESC. From what I read, Chaka and Enertion seem to have the best reviews. Can you recommend any of the less expensive ones?

Oh I meant longboards as in a deck for your build. DIY is the way to go as you’ve said, what I meant to say was people on eBay and CL sell high quality decks in good condition for the same price or less as the one you’ve chosen on amazon.

On the topic of VESC’s I’m afraid my knowledge doesn’t extend that much for me to give you proper recommendations. I only know things here and there, however I’m sure someone else would comment sooner or later with a more detailed recommendation on this area :slight_smile:


I already have this board. I bought it for my kids on an Amazon sale for less than $40 a while back. If any of us get into this, we’ll upgrade.

Check out the DIY Electric Skateboard VESC ($100). you could also go with the maytech vesc (but most of them are missing a bootloader). And the vesc is really easy to program! It’s literally filling in the right numbers and clicking ‘write’.

6s + 20C is a bad call (too much voltage sag). Either increase your C count or cell count. Plus, 200kv at 6s isn’t going to be fast at all. I’m not sure how well the vesc does on 6s (I’m concerned about current draw, especially at your 20C). You can control top speed (aka governor) using the vesc settings.

Awesome feedback. Thanks!

I’ll look further at batteries.

I actually use a 6s battery and it is 20c and I only see around 0.5v sag when accelerating and almost not sag at all once I’m going and about 1v when going up a steep hill. I think those batteries will be fine for you as a first build. As for the esc you can either use a Vesc but they are a bit more expensive and a lot easier to fry than a car esc. I am using the Xcar beast esc from Hobbyking and I love it. I changed the setting so the startup and brakes are smooth. Other people also highly recommend this esc for 6s builds. It is also really cheap just make sure to get the programming card with it too

Get a VESC - every other ESC will not make you happy and you’ll end up buying one later on anyway.

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I second that!

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What’s your total cost for all the parts?

Right now I am at roughly 260 for everything but the esc, including the charger. That includes $40 for the longboard I already had.

What is your town like? Hilly? Flat?

Pretty flat

A Vesc might serve well then but if there are any large hills I would be careful about going up then on a Vesc and 6s

shouldn’t be a problem. A VESC can safely handle 50A continous - at 6S that is still 63.7V50A=1110W which is quite a lot. I had a 150A Car ESC and had it cut out repeatedly during uphill movement - that is scary. So I’d rather get up the hill more slowly but safely.

If you can, use a 10s battery!! 200Kv and 10s go together really well but you will have to use a VESC for that!!! It will end up costing a tiny little bit more but you’ll not regret it after) E-sk8’s are not meant to be really cheap!

Thanks for the suggestions. I haven’t actually bought the batteries or the ESC yet. I think the options now are 10S / VESC or 6S / Car ESC. I’ll look into both.

I’m trying to be economical, not “cheap” so I really appreciate the suggestions.

I’m telling you the complete truth right now!!! Buying a VESC and using it with a 10s battery will be more economical!!!

10s and vesc is the best way to go. If you are hell bent on low initial outlay there is this motor which will be faster on 6s and something like an fvt120 esc.