My first build V1 to V2- Hi5ber Deck, Dual 6355 230kv Torque board motors, Dual FOCBOX, 4 HobbyStar 8000mAh 18.5V, 5S 100C LiPo, w/ Caliber 2 trucks @ 50º w/ MBS All-Terrain wheels

Hello! This is my first real post so bare with me if i leave stuff out. I have been building this board on and off for the last 2 years. Initially it was a single drive running (2) 4s batteries, an ESC, 15/36 gears with 83mm Wheels Flywheel knockoffs. It ran ok but i continually broke ESC’s and my Marbel board came back so i just rode that.

Now that my Marbel board is sent back for the V2 upgrade (been there a year + who knows if ill ever see that again) i decided to build this board a lot better with distance and reliability as key factors. Here are some pictures of the board and its original build, compared to my Marbel board and my buddies DIY and further down is the build re-designed into the torquey beast it is now!

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IMG_1424IMG_1478IMG_1483IMG_1484IMG_1493IMG_1489IMG_1487IMG_1492IMG_1534![IMG_1538|375x500] i used 15T motor pulley and a 36T wheel pulley (I think haha)

(upload://w59Bz3OZqwo5SzxYr7i5khpcs9K.JPG)IMG_1496IMG_1539![IMG_1845|375x500] As you can see here i didn’t like the crappy enclosures i was hollowing out so i decided to buy plexiglass and heat it and mold it to fit the board and batteries. I later painted it black from the inside to give it a clean finish.


After riding the board i discovered the enclosure wouldn’t stay put with just velcro so i had to wrap it with electrical tape to ride, also it was around this time i ended up braking my second ESC so i called the quits for a while until i started V2 this year.

I have a ton more of the V2 photos coming but they are “live photos” so i have to figure out an easy way to make the jpegs etc so i can post them.


Looks great man :grin: love the 5ber

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Thanks! Unfortunately I didn’t get to finish the post but I’ll try tonight after work, I love the new set up a lot better!

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So heres the V2 of the board!

i originally used grip tape that was way too course and every time i handled the board it would cut up my fingers. So in attempt to fix that and to reduce vibrations i decided to use this foam grip tape made by SeaDek that is designed for surfboards etc which i actually like a lot!


i also wanted LOTS of clearance so i have 1"risers with 1/4" or 1/8" (?) rubber risers to reduce vibrations


getting ideas on how to setup the dual FOCBOX’s


decided to use this enclosure from 3dservisas (found him in the forums, very nice product!)


then i got my batteries in order and spliced. (2) sets of HobbyStar 8000mAh 18.5V, 5S 100C LiPo batteries in series and in parallel. Secure with velcro. Both series sets can be isolated from inline bullets. Im hoping i should get a 20ish mile range. Also you will notice i spliced in a switch. Unfotuanetly the switch failed after a short period of time and i needed a quick one to replace it.

IMG_6910 IMG_6920assembly1assembly2IMG_6926

I found in the forums a user @JdogAwesome who makes awesome low-side switches. Ordered from him, arrived quickly. Very small and simple switch, just had to solder on my leads and it is good to go and up and running!

I extended and spliced the leads from the switch to work with my setup and hot glued the switch into my deck. (i didn’t have the right drill bit and accidentally drilled the hole too big :man_shrugging:t2: so i had to improvise :sweat_smile::ok_hand:t3:)


heres more of my splicing. I still have to hot glue the switch to help isolate it and keep it free from shorts.


Heres the push button on top of the board.

switchoffswitchon1switchon When i was removing the old switch, i used a heat gun to melt the glue and heat everything up from both sides and i didn’t realize i started to melt the tread off the foam around the switch! oops! :sweat_smile:

Here you will see the battery enclosure i made. Just bought some plexiglass, took measurements and bent it into the shape i wanted using the minimal tools i have and my coffee table haha i then painted the inside black as it leaves a clean gloss looking layer and if it scratches it won’t remove paint. Not the best one but it’ll do.


Originally i had velcro’ed the enclosure but it wouldn’t stay. So i bought these screws thats basically a screw nut. It screws into the board with a hex key and it has internal threads that i bought some knobs for.

enclosurescrews enclosure5enclosure8enclosure6enclosure7

Im sure you noticed i installed a handle as well! its a heavy board and its installed in a spot where its balanced when i carry it. definitely helpful.


At this point i tested the board on a good 10+ mile ride. Unfortuantely part way through i started to hear a lot of vibrations and then one of my motors failed. I should have stopped riding but i didn’t and then the second motor stopped working. After a cab ride home i discovered this -


Turns out the carbon fiber board has a foam layer between the top and bottom. The screws holding my enclosure had backed out of the pilot holes and shorted both FOCBOX’s. So to prevent this from happening again, i put JB weld epoxy in the pilot holes to prevent the screws from backing out, installed large rubber washers under the enclosure to reduce vibrations as well as smaller washers under the screws on the inside AND put a bead of hot glue around the perimeter of where the enclosure would lay. All to help reduce vibrations to the VESCs and to prevent future shorts.

IMG_6995IMG_6997 IMG_6994IMG_6996

2 new FOCBOX’s IMG_7002

After riding i decided i wanted larger wheels. I ended up buying 100mm MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels from Amazon. First black but then blue (sold the black to a friend) and i decided to change the gear ratio from 15/36 to 14/40. Turns out the wheel pulleys fit PERFECTLY to these wheels. Really happy about that.

IMG_6974IMG_6978IMG_6977IMG_6979IMG_6975 IMG_6967IMG_6969wheels3

And that pretty much completes the deck! also im running the NanoX controller from Enertion. Not a bad set up considering i rent an apartment and i built this whole thing on my coffee table haha. NOTE: this isn’t in chronological order. Just posted it all in an order that makes sense. Anyways hope you all like!

deckdeckbottomdeckdrivedeckbottomfrontdeckdrive1decksidedeckside2deckside1 decktop decksidehandle


Its beautiful… :heart_eyes: that handle is sick


thanks! yeah the board is too long that its uncomfortable to carry from the trucks. plus its heavy so the handle helps a lot!

woa! nice board man :slight_smile: good idea with the foam grip tape too, please let us know how it holds up.

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Will do and thanks! So far I probably have about 50 miles on it. As you can see it’s a bit dirty in spots but so far so good!

How big are those risers!?

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(awesome build btw)

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Haha thanks! They are 1” and the rubber riser is maybe 1/4” (about 31.75mm total). I like as much clearance as possible without sacrificing too much handling. So far it’s still lots of fun and stable

Wow thats a hell of a riser!! I Just printed a 10mm riser out of TPU and thought it was fairly large. After seeing yours fmd it looks tiny!! :joy: Screenshot_20180629-091110_Gallery

Haha that’s awesome! I wish I had a 3D printer, the risers I bought are from amazon. Not too pricey and they get the job done!

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Sweet! Look forward to seeing more of your builds!!

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How has the sea deck foam been? Any signs on peeling ? How’s the grip?