My First Build!

Hello, My name is Cayden, I have been looking at a few electric boards but have decided to build my own. Here is what I am thinking;

-I would like to use a drop down; I know many people say this is a bad choice, but I am wanting to run it with some large wheels, as well as some 1/4 inch risers/shock absorbers.

Right now I am looking at using a Landyachtz Switch 40, I would most likely use some 97 mm Abec 11’s

I am looking at using a single Sk3 motor to begin, but eventually want to upgrade to a dual motor setup, I just don’t have the money to buy two motors, motor mount kits, and VESC’s right now. What Kv will I need? I think I read online that if I want to use a dual setup I should use 5055’s? But is this enough to power in the meantime with just a Solo 6355?

Obviously, I want to use VESC’s, will most likely get from Enertion, unless there is a cheaper listing that I haven’t seen.

The main area I do not have much knowledge about is batteries, am I better off using an 18650 setup? or some bigger batteries in series from

I will most likely be mounting my motor/s behind the trucks, to clear up more space under the board, similar to how the Evolve Carbon GT is.

Lastly, Thank you! Seems like a really cool community and I am excited to see what you all think.

I have attached some pictures to clarify.



Who in the hell sad drop downs are bad?? Lemme beat their ass.

For a single drive you’re better off using a 6374 190 kv, thats pretty much the “standard first build” and if you’re not experienced with batteries, go with lipo and a balance charger so you don’t spend decades on figuring out liions with bmses and then frying bmses due to bad wiring.

Get a set of tb218s to mount your single motor, and when you have the cash just upgrade to dual, no need to buy another set of trucks, and make sure to get reverse mount trucks since you want it to look that way.


Awesome!! Right now I am looking at the Enertion R spec ghost wheels (

They total to $76.90 for a set of four, where would I go to find pulleys for this that will work with a SK3 6364 190kv? (

I didn’t see a 6374 on hobbyking.

Also, do you know if the Turnigy Mounting hardware would work with these trucks and motors? (

Do you think these would work? (

Will the be tall enough to get me enough ground clearance for the enclosure?

Sorry for all of the questions! I’m new to this and just want to get it right the first time. Thanks!!!

Haha it’s all alright!

Here is the 6374 motor on HK

For the pulleys I would get a set from @johnny_261

And I would get the mounts from your second source, @marcmt88 's mounts, never heard a bad thing about them and once you decide to go dual you literally just get another mount, motor, and vesc and slap everything together

You won’t be able to reverse mount your motors with that hobbyking mount unless you shave down a bunch of bs and blah blah blah, get @marcmt88 s mounts.

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a 6355 is imo a totally fine option for a single drive, especially since you want to go dual when you can afford it. Also, if you are not used to eskate you probably want something a bit more mellow for the first rides anyways.

Although, this is assuming you need the 6355 in order to fit two motors ofc, otherwise you should get a 6374, but if you cant use that on your dual you will have spent a chunk of cash in vain.

I have been riding on a 6355 single drive for quite a while and have had no problems. The only slight issue is with power, but that’s the vesc that gets hot from pushing a bit more amps that it would like to. But the motor copes just fine, atleast for the old enertion Rspec and touqueboards 6355.

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Cool cool, so dual 6374’s should fit on the TM218’s?

I run a single 6355 and a 12s lipo and have hit 32mph

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I just don’t really have the need for that speed though, because I will be riding around campus at CSU mainly. Thats why im thinking dual bigger motors for reliability.

Be sure they are actual 6374s… like many are actually longer than 74mm. Sk3s are actually 85mm or so. That might make it pretty tight. Torque board (DIY Electric) motors are actually true to spec though, so you could pick up one of their 6374s when you get the 218mm trucks with the plan to upgrade to dual at a later point.

Good Luck!

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Hehe, sounds like you will be building something that will exceed your expectations quite a bit :wink:

But then again, i have no idea what your expectations are or what you have ridden before.

But for dual 6374s you can push alot of power, and to do so you’ll need quite the battery… The biggest thing with motor size is how much heat that will be created, smaller motors heat up more since there are less copper in them. The actual power output can be very similar though.

Cons of bigger motors: more weight, higher cost. Pros: does not heat up as much, this follows the weight.

I have been longboardimg for about 7 years, however this is my first experience with a eboard.

The main reason I wpuld want to do bigger motors is not for crazy speed or torque, but more for reliability.

My goal is a decently fast, well build, and more importantly, reliable board that can last me 4 years at college.

I’d firstly look for a high quality motor then. And one that is decently sealed, the only problems with motors i have had so far is gravel getting into them and ruining the windings!

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This is a picture from @marcmt88, he builds the custom mounted and pulley systems im looking at, if you look he is running TB trucks w two 6374’s. Pretty nicely. Probably will be the same setup I end up using.