My first DIY build

The count down to destruction is almost here! I am crazy exited to have everything shipped for my first (hopefully of many) electric skateboard builds. This forum has been great! I really can’t thank everyone enough. A big shout out to @psychotiller for tirelessly listening to and answering all of my questions and curiosities. I’ve decided to list my build here and ask you guys for your opinion or suggestions before I pull the trigger and assemble the beast. The board I’m using is a Drop deck from Kahuna Kreations. I liked the battle axe look of it. It’s 10x41 Trucks and mounts came from Physcotiller’s web store, as did the battery enclosure. The wheels are 97mm flywheel clones from eBay . I’m also using Bones ceramic bearings. The battery is a 10s3p from @willpark16. It looks bad ass! Will was a big help getting what I needed together. I’m using dual maytech 6355/200 kv motors The VESC is also from maytech as well as the remote I ordered my pullies and belts from @torque boards I’ve enclosed a couple of pictures. Of some of the pieces. One in particular is a pic of some all terrain wheels that I’ve owned since the late 90s. Oddly enough the Flywheel pullies fit. Thought about using those for my AT mode. Anyway thanks for reading guys…


NIce! Any idea on where those AT wheels come from

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I bought them out of CCS mail order ( if you aren’t familiar it was basically THE mail order skate shop for us hillbillies unfortunate enough to be born in Appalachia.) :joy: That was in 1997 believe it or not. My grandmother dug them out of retirement for me.

I gave my old Maverix to the neighborhood ruffians


Those big wheels. How they ride?. I see them selling for $40 for 4. I want to go get a set.

I’ve seen them on EBay here lately. I will see if I can find a link and post it here

Are these wheels any good?