My first diy esk8 build

This is my first diy build mountainboard/longboard style Eboard… Everything on this board is premium the deck came with battery enclosure but it was not built for 21700 cells or stocking them by 2

SPECS! Maytech 6396 motors Flipsky vesc 6.6 plus Flipsky vx2 remote colored version Samsung 21700 Battery 12s6p (I ALSO DID THE BATTERY) MBS matrix 2 hangers MBS rockstar hubs Evolve 6” tires Deck is a 37”x9/12 short deck sharper turns Will be installing Flood lights


Hey man it looks dope!! :smiley: I’m currently working myself on my first build (it’s taking for ever !?!) and might get some inspiration from your build. I wonder if you would have been able to fit more batteries if you fitted them the other way around. Hope you can find a good looking motormount that’ll fit those Maytech monsters.

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that’s a nice build for a first one


I tried but it’s not wide enough I was gonna put the vesc by it self and make an enclosure for it and do a 13s8p but the enclosure just not wide enough

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Thanks man

Update I’m almost done with the build waiting for the moon gear drive so I could order them but I’ll use the belt till there ready still waiting on the bms and wheel pulleys then the build is complete…

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Just go to the forum because there is significantly more active people.