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My first e mountain board need help on the part list

I would like to get a least out of the batteries but 10 to 13 miles of that . I would probably go with dual motors.I weight like 215 . I would like something good but not too expensive . I would like to spend no more than 450 to 500 . I hope I could get something good for that price :grimacing: I hope I’m not asking for too much

asking too much m8, gonna have to open up that budget, but I never had any interest in emtbs

500 would only get you single belt drive thats even though budget to get started. Remember some other mentioned here 400 - 500 parts cost! not inc shipping and tax if applied. You should be expecting 800 ++ on dual excl the complete boards its self.

Why don’t we start with the one motor . Do you guys think that’s going to push me at 200 +. Can I add the other motor later on the builtor is it too much trouble to add another motor later. I don’t want to go cheat because then they’ll break later down the line and I want to have fun for this summer that’s why I want to start now to start building it so if you guys can make me a list because I’m like a fish out of water on this subject :money_mouth_face::nerd_face:

The only way you could get close is getting something close to this price is if it was a used board … Or made most of it yourself and even then the batteries that it would require …

Start pricing things out … Only way to make a budget…Hell i wanna make an eboard for a. Dollar lol

Yes you can but I am afraid I have to disappoint you abit. I am afraid that you are slightly too late for the summer as parts doesnt go walk to your front door in 2 days. First timer also tends to make mistakes and youll be busy problem solving. EMTB is very expensive, the mounts also quite expensive compared to just normal longboard. I am not an EMTB expert so you might pm someone who does that by searching in the forum.

Ofc you can go with single motor kit, but it doesnt work so well with mtb especially if you ride besides on aspath and pavement. EMTB needs the power, torque and tractions. You will find your self with more traction problem than the lack of power or speed.

I would build it all myself all I need is all the parts . So that’ll take less money to pay somebody else to build it for me .I am mechanic incline. About two years ago I build a 7 hp more rise about two years ago I build a 7 hp Motorized bike. But they are too noisy and a thrill is gone . now I need another project and I would like to build a mountain motorized board . So I could Cruise it at the beach during summer I would be doing all the work I just need to be pointed to the right direction so I could get all the parts ready . Are you already have a mountain board a Atom x95 . Today I bought some aluminum so I could make the motor mounts .

ill post picture🤔

A sk3 6374 will handle your weight, but you’ll need to make it a chain drive.

To be honest you’ll need to up the budget like $300 more.

You are in luck, recently I change the motor mount, chain drive and battery of my eMTB.
PM me if interested in the parts.

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I weigh more than 200lbs. A single drive with 15mm belt will have the power to knock you in your ass. I’m not sure where all of the doubt I’m reading is coming from…seriously, you can have a kick ass build with a 120a car esc @6s with a single drive and you’ll be able to hit 25mph easy at your weight.

The doubt is not about the power, is more into the budget! Dual drive is quiet pricey. Single drive for mountainboard have less traction. Thats the doubt.

I disagree single drive on a eMTB has a lot of traction and will perform better than anticipated the only caveat is the performance in soft surfaces ( grass ) at slow speed.