My first esk8! Need some advice

I tried to look it up but could not find it… this is something similar but not the exact one:

I think one of the users made a simple to look at site with all the available parts / prices and where to get them… too bad it is lost somewhere in the forum.

EDIT: Anyways, here is perhaps a shop you did not know about yet… im not sure how great part availability it has for EU, be has was also the one who made a groupbuy/s for some of the motors.

EU site (sort of):

Too bad mini remote is out of stock from them :smiley: (I’ve got one myself) but perhaps you would also choose it, it is quite reliable.

I have already looked at those topics som great info friom them. I understand what you mean now about vendors, I have already looked at that vendor And planning to buy one or two parts from there

As always thank you so much! You really helped me a lot!