My first esk8! Need some advice

Hi everyone!

First of all i want to thank everyone that contributed to this forum it is truly great! If it was not for this forum i would not been available to plan and hopefully make my own esk8 :slight_smile:

( Just a warning i am from sweden so english is not my mother tongue and to make it even worse I have dyslexia so I can’t spell at all. If you can’t handel poor spelling just don’t read this post to save yourself from the trubbel )

I will try to keep everything as short as possible. I have been reading the forum for some time now and i think i have got the basics of makeing a esk8 but I have some questions that i will try to make as specific as possible.

Necessary information

  • Like i mentioned before, im from sweden so i want to purchase nothing from US if possible because of tax and shipping.

  • I live in a area with some hills but not to manie. I am not so havey at 65 kg ( 145 lbs)

  • The only parts i have is my curent non electric longboard. So deck and truks ( will have to swap wheels )

What i priorities

(in order of importance)

  • Reliability - this is without a question the most importantly one i DON’T want to replace parts often.
  • Acceleration / speed - What I mean is that I want the bord not to be super fast or have extreme acceleration and torque. But rather to have the perfect balance of the two that i desire.
  • Budget - My budget can be changed but only if it is necessary to achieve the two points above this one.


500$ - 670$. 670$ is the absolut max limit as it equals 6000 swedish SEK and that is really pushing my budget. Preferably the total cost should be around 500$ ( 4500 SEK)

What I want my esk8 to be

I want my esk8 to be a fun project that dosen’t break the bank. I yust want a eska8 to cruise around in and short transportation. Ther for it don’t need to be very powerful or have the longest range ( 8s 5800mAh ). i want the top speed to be approximately 35 km/h ( 22 mph ) but not lower. when it comes to torque and acceleration I really don’t know. All i know is that it should not feel sluggish and it don’t need to go upp 20°-30° hills. Ofc I want a “sleek design” but it will not be prioritiesd over good quality components.

Parts I’m considering to buy and why I think they will suit My needs

This is where I need your help! if i picked som bad parts or if there are parts that better suits my needs pls tell me! ( please keep my budget in mind if you recommend something)

  • Battery: ZIPPY Compact 5800mAh 8S 25C Lipo Pac 55$. I want a compact battery that still provides high enough voltage ( 8s = 29.6V) to make the board feel powerful. Please correct me if i’m wrongbut 25c shuld be enough right? I know 5800mAh will not give me longe range but my plan is to just buy another one and hook it up in parallel if i wante longer range.

  • Charger: IMAX B6AC V2 Professional Balance Charger/Discharger 42$. This one is cheap and shuld be good ( I wante the charger to plug in to a regular ac socket, not a car battery). My battery have the balance plug divided in to two JST-XH ( 2x 4s split) so will it work with my 8s battery yes or no?

  • Motor: Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364 75$-85$. This motor seems to be popular her on the forum. but which kv shuld i get? 190, 213 or 245? i understand that the 245kv will have the Highest rpm but will it have less torque because of the higher kv/rpm? what shuld i get to fit my needs/wanted speed and torque?

  • ESC: The VESC 200$:scream: Sem to be popular her at esk8. Only problem is that it is quite expensive particularly in EU is ther any other good ones? I want too be abel to have these key features: over discharge protection, regenerativ braking (that don’t over charge the battery) and change the smoothness of acceleration and breaking. Is buying a VESC from ebay for 90$ a big no no?

  • Pulleys and belts: 12mm wide drive pulley kit from enertion 83$. I want it to be reliable and give me the desired speed/torque. if some one knows a good kit that don’t compromise on qualety and suits my desired top speed for less her in EU please tell me.

  • Motor mount: CNC motor mount and truck clamp from Alien power system 50$. Will fit my truck and was cheap.

  • Wheels: abec 11 flywheel 96$. Fitt the wheel pully

  • Transmitter / receiver: Alien Power System 2.4Ghz Electric skateboard Remote control 55$. Looks small and nice is it any good?

  • Total cost = About 660$ ( 5900 SEK ):sweat: Is ther anything i can cheap out on to bring the cost down without compromising on the qualety?

Sorry that the post became so long :sweat_smile: I want to say THANK YOU to every one that wants to help me it is highly appreciated. Cheers from sweden :smile:

Knock off fly wheels might drive cost down… not sure about price and customs fee but they will be a bit cheaper + more stiff and fun to ride as the.originals it seems.

Nice structured text btw! Welcome to the forum! Was also ok to read your text. Not much errors or misspellings… at least was fine for me!


Overall the build looks good. First, I would suggest some flywheels clones unless you really want real ones. This will bring the cost down around $70USD. Also, you could build your own motor mount which would take that cost away. If anyone else has any other ideas…

okey will look in to it. Thank you for the tip :slight_smile:

replied at the same time and said the same thing :smile:

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Search clones as suggested… at least they should show up on forum somewhere… thats how you will find where to get them!

have looked into it but i don’t have the havey duty tools for it

but thanks anyway appreciat any helpp i can get

Check protoboards shop - pulleys

It is uk based. Should be better than to order from oceania (sorry aus ppl)

interesting! never seen that shop befor.

they have wheels ( clones) for 33£ and a VESC for 95£ :smile:

Maybe could bring down the cost of the remote control as well by getting one from @JLabs. I got one from him, and on the EU marketplace it is at 30 euros. Not sure about performance difference compared to Alien Power Systems.

will definitely look in to it! thank you

@ajaynagra is doing the European group buy

Thank you so mutch guys! @ewalks6 and @Okami

with your thelp I found

VESC for 95£

pulleys and belt kit for 30 euros

wheels ( clones ) for 33£

Transmitter / receiver for 30 euro

and my total cost went from 660$ to 452$ !!! i am even at the low end of my budget

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Yeah you could get stuff even cheaper during group buys

how ? what are the prices on what parts?

U need to follow forum topics (for group buys)

Welcom, check Ebay, i’ve bought most of my parts on Ebay. I bought Orangatang Kegal wheels 80a for $60, Caliber trucks 50* 184mm for $40, motor mount for $45, Turnigy Sk3 6374 for $80. Also, type in google the item your looking for and type in “cheapest price” after you type item im.

Thanks you for the tips but I already have trucks and found motormouth for cheap. Will try your Google search tip :slight_smile:

IF you need alternatives to the vesc in eu, ‘‘AXLE’’ vesc might be your other choice… It looks like they have improved and their vescs are quite ok now!

Though, they probably dont sell much else besides vesc’s… just figured out this might be useful for you…

BTW - did you come up with vendors lists of esk8 parts?

I think there were users who had created such page / datasheet… I should look it up and make someone to pin it, if the info is viable there…

What do you mean?

Will look at the vesc when I get home