My first esk8 set up

Hi esk8 builders, i’m going to make electric skateboard with mono drive set up. So i need some good advice from you guys. I weight about 87 kg. Planning on avarage ride on flat, but sometimes go up some small hills in park or cross same bridges. Top speed no more than 45 km/h.

wheels: 83mm cheap clones

long board:

pulley: 12mm system

motor: or
sk3, but they all out of stock in hobby king. Maybe another suggestions about motors. how many kv i need, are 63mm motors good size for mono drive? what will be the difference in general if i’ll use 245kv or 300kv motor with same set up?

battery: i’m going to use 4 of them to get 6s 10000 mah, is this battery ok? What about 25c do i need it to be higher like 30c or more? Do i need maybe 8s or 6s will be fine for my weight?

esc: i don’t know yet, maybe some suggestions? of course vesk, but it’s so expensive, maybe some good budget alternatives?

radio controller: maybe some suggestions, i want small, sexy and safe. for now i found this one, of course it is not very good lookin, but it’s cheap, can i trust it?

charger: is this charger good for my batteries?

So what you think about my project? Sorry if my english not good. O.k. then have a good ride on your boards.

For your motor: Both 50mm and 63mm motors will work, but they go out of stock so often that it might be easier to just roll with he alien drive motor. I used a 190kv 63mm Sk3 and have had no problems. Idk if that model is currently in stock, it’s about 80 usd. As far as chargers go, IMAX B6 is the best and generally most reliable charger that I’ve seen for lipos.

25c will be plenty on a 6s 2p lipo setup

I’ve been trying to read up on all this stuff over the past few days. I come from a background of zero skateboarding and virtually zero hands on experience with batteries or creating machines. How I decided on an eskateboard, well, I guess I’ll chalk that up to Casey Neistat and the fact that I live on an island that is 25mph.

But everything you are describing is what I am looking for also @ninja . I’m 95kg, going to be on mostly flat terrain, I don’t want to go too fast, but also don’t want to go to slow (45 km/h sounds fun). And I hope the rig can get atleast 12miles per charge. Does his battery of 10000mAh do that?

If you dont mind me piggybacking on your thread. Some questions I have are:

  1. how do you know what pulley will be capable of handling a given motor, does the 12mm pulley system handle both 50mm and 63mm motors?
  2. Why wouldnt you go for 2 batteries like this: to stay at the same voltage but get to 10000mAh? Wouldnt this be less space or atleast less complexity for the same cost? Is there a disadvantage to this?
  3. Since we are at a higher weight than others, should we really strive to get a motor at 300kv or does it not matter?
  4. When I look at ESC and VESC and others, they seem very different in looks, examples: diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/vesc-the-best-electric-skateboard-esc/ looks incredibly small looks like a heatsink to me looks very big (perhaps it is just massively zoomed in) are these all the same thing, you just want to pick one that is rated to work well and can set control limits?
  5. I like the controller of a boosted board. It essentially has a safety, which for me seems ideal. Is there a link to a similar controller you can use like this?
  6. your list of products didn’t include how to mount your motor to the board, is this always something that you have to get someone to create for you, or is there a generic version that works with most motors? how can you tell compatibility?
  7. I hear a lot about soldering, do you always need to do that or can you use a product that crimps the 2 cables together? I fear I’d need to have to hire someone to do this for me as well if I cant attach them differently.
  8. Some finished products look very scary to ride, like a bump will create a yard sale. Is there a site with good boxes to fit all of this stuff into?
  9. It seems 83mm wheels are standard. If I kept the rest of his build the same but went for bigger or smaller wheels, how would this affect the mph or overall mileage you can achieve?

Again, sorry for the questions, I could create another thread, but since this is your first build, I imagine some of these might be your questions too, and I don’t usually like to create new threads when I can reply to one, I’m a bit of a lurker.

Love the information on this site, just seems hard to process it all as quickly as possible.

Good luck with the build, I hope to start one soon, I think it would be fun to do with my son.

Also, not sure if this is helpful, but I found this link: and it helped me understand the various values of a battery a lot better. Seems like you know what you are doing, but maybe it would help others.

Thanks, that helped.

What about this motor:

That should work! If you want to save money you could also try finding one of these on eBay since they’re out of stock currently on hobby king