My first setup & and many noob questions

Hello dear community, I´m building my first eboard. I`m a real noob, so be foregiving xD. I want someone to check my setup.

The setup: Motor: Torque 6374 190 KV ( Single Motor Mechanical Kit by Torque ( Remote: TorqueBoards Nano Remote Controller ( Battery: ZIPPY Compact 4000mAh 10S 25C Lipo Pack With XT90 ( Charger: IMAX D6 DC ( ESC: X-Car Beast Series ESC 1:8 Scale 120A ( Deck: Switch: FatBoy Mini Sparky Switch ( Fuse:

I don´t have an enclosure yet. Can you recommend one? Maybe I take a Tupperware since this is a budget project.

I am not sure if the charger is good enough for the Battery.

Should I take one or two batterys in parallel?

Thanks crmpl

don’t leave the enclosure for last i did this too and it’s a mistake. that charger won’t work, it can only charge 6S max. With 1 4Ah battery you won’t get much range at all i’d go for 2 atleast

for charger i would use a 42V charger with some kind a barrel jack and use a bms to balance charge since a 10S balance charger will be at least €100 probably even €200

don’t use that ESC!! not made for electric skateboards go with a VESC, this is an opensource esc that you can program easily with the software it’s good and reliable and you can find cheap vescs too for around the price of that non esk8 one

i’d go with this budget VESC, way better than the other one

i can design a custom enclosure and 3d print it for just the price of the filament and shipping