My freak for slippery sidewalk and heavy rider (on a budget)

Hi everyone, I’m currently building some kind of freak on a budget:

  • Skullboard hubs, esc, wheels (those vibrate but are just perfect on slippery surface)
  • 12s homemade battery “Battery Hookup” LiPo (25C 200A 8Ah)
  • A rigid Madrid longboard deck
  • ABS homemade case (todo)
  • Total cost around $400

I did some test yesterday and it seems to ride perfectly, but i have no breaks for too much time before the BMS unlock the charge (and i’m living uphill :smiley: )

So i ordered a Maytech Rheostatic Brake, i should received it in 10 days.



Whats the rheostatic brake thing? Is that something new?

it’s a piece of electronics that can handle regenerative breaking when the battery is full

Good job :wink:

Nice work but forgive me for saying this. The rheostatic brake is a bit of a band aid fix. That esc is set up with 10s voltages pre programmed in. You with the 12s battery will come across more issues than braking and those issues could potentially throw you into the ground. Seriously consider getting a 12s rated vesc based dual or 2 singles that you can set up yourself.
Anyway good luck.

I read that this particular ESC can handle 12s. And during my first tests, it realy seems that the BMS was the issue : After the battery voltage loosed ~1V it started to break again. This project is a street commuting board, particulary on cloudy days: no speed. Thanks for the advice about VESC, i will check for an upgrade but i’m not sure about putting $200 more on this particular board.

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Finaly i just ordered a FocBox Unity ESC: lets do this the good way :slight_smile:

That was a quick turn-around lol :smiley:

Clearly :smile: I realy want to try this VESC (be able to tune the ESC) Can i buy a compatible receiver for my current chinese/wowgo/skuklboard remote ?

Pretty sure those remotes can only be paired with those escs

you’ll really really want something to protect those batteries they puncture much easier than you’d expect.

if your board ever smells syrup-sweet, check batteries for a puncture