My frist board - Need help to choose components

Hi, With a friend, we are planing to build our own electric skate But actually we are choosing the hardware of our skate witch will be :

  • Vesc as controller
  • SK3 - 6374-192kv or SK3 - 6374-149kv for motor (only one for each board)
  • LG Chem 18650 HG2 x40 or 48 for each board to build a 10s4p or 12s4p battery in order to get a long range board
  • 36V 60A 12S for BMS

But I don’t know what motor choose to get torque and a long range, and a 60A bms will it suffice to protect the batteries and control the charging process ?

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If you are using one motor for each board, I would go for the 192kv motor. It will have good torque and speed.

As usual: You could also get 30Q cells for even longer range and with quality cells you don’t necessarily need a BMS.

Why the 30Q will give me more range ? They are getting the same capacity but the 30Q have a lower discharge speed

Please explain me how you find more range :slight_smile:

And I want a BMS to be able to recharge my boards everywhere by just using a laptop like charger instead of a big charger for each cell

Okay ! Tank’s you !

Oh I read it as HE2 - nevermind then. The HG2 will be perfectly fine.

I charge my 10S 18650 pack with a laptop style charger - you don’t necessarily have to have a BMS with Liions. This has been discussed numerous times on this forum - just check some of whitepony’s topics out.

I’m Going to do that ! Thank’s you for help !

As long as you are conservative in your charge and discharge levels you should be ok. I have a 10s3p made with Samsung 30Q cells with no BMS. Its my daily driver, I charge with a laptop style charger to 41v and discharge to 34v and have yet to have an issue.

Most of my packs have a BMS but lately I’ve been using them for charge only, bypassing them for discharge. There’s always a risk, but if you are reasonably careful you can save a little money and free up a lot of enclosure space.