My home made PVC Esk8 Hangers

I just wanted to share how my 4" inch half-pipe PVC board hangers came out…

It is a simple concept. Take a 4" inch diameter PVC pipe (see how the 100 mm MBS wheels fit the pipe with precision :point_up:), cut it to desire length per your board’s wheel to wheel width; then slice the pipe all down its length; drill two 3/8 of an inch holes at the half mid section; two smaller 3/16 of an inch holes separated 1/2 and 1-1/4 of an inch from the edge respectively; with a saw cut a square out PVC section following the two larger holes contours (this will allow for the truck, bushings and kingpin to fit in when you hang the board).

P.S.: Don’t give me much credit because I copied the idea from this site…:point_down:


Seems legit. Hope you’re not putting too much tension on the wall. :smiley:

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Broke out one of my guitar hangers with my longboard before :joy: stupid 2 screw wall mount all pressure on top one.


That’s right. This US drywall structures are a joke. I had the precaution to nail this pine wood plank high between two doors frames (an inside reinforcement plank runs behind the drywall) and nailed the half pipes to the plank. Because if you venture yourself picking any area of your drywalled home you will nail thru nothing and the thing will fall like dishes in a greek wedding!


Maybe you could even use it as better option to Deck Hook

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Jeez, when I read the title I nearly had a heart attack… I thought you were talking about truck hangers lol


Well…they are truck hangers, don’t they? :wink: