My impatience is your gain

So I ordered a whole bunch of standard skate components from a skate-shop well overseas. I ended up buying more parts when they didn’t arrive a week after their due date, and three months later it’s just been released from customs. (I’m on a school trip for a week so expect a delay till ~20th till I can ship). Anyway, I’ve been left with a crazy amount of really exotic longboard gear for you to grab an absolute bargain:

All of the items are brand new, and haven’t been taken out of their respective packaging.

1x Root Shark 92 - Sebastian Hertler Signature Model

  • 250NZD Net to me, not much else to say really besides the 100NZD savings.
  • Some free 7 Degree Rayne Rail Risers so you can wedge to your hearts content.

2x Incomplete Surfrodz RKP Trucks - 60mm Axles, no surf keys or kingpin (I was going to use the ones from my 176mm’s)

+10mm bearings, Riptide Piviot Cups, your choice of Orangatang Nipples (Purple or Orange) The hangars are saffron, baseplates are 45 degree blue and black (black was going to be at the back with massive black motors).

  • Want to sell as a kit. 400NZD Net to me

Thanks for looking.

you have PM :slight_smile: thanks bud -karl

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Replied :wink: