My motor and vesc problem

My motor has a 5 pin sensored wire and my vesc has a 6 pin sensored connector is there a adapter I can buy to fix this or do I need to buy a different vesc or motor?

Pictures of the connector would help. Some motor manufacturers don’t use the temp sensor.


Respect positive (red) and negative(black) You just need a 6 pin connector. Your vesc probably has the name of each pin.

5v or vcc- red

Temperature or T -ignore this




Ground or negative- black

You can remove the pins easily with a screwdriver and then place them into a 6 pin connector

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Thanks how does this look?image

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Yup. That’s what i figured. Should plug right into the sensor port. It just doesn’t have the Temp Sensor on the motor so the missing wire is not necessary.

Assuming black is gnd and orange is 5V you should be good, be sure you plug into the right port on the VESC I accidentally used the wrong 6 pin header and it wasn’t fully booting (not sure if something was shorted or it just detected an issue). Luckily didn’t fry anything there.

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Looks fine. Just make sure +&- are not messed.