My motor is wrong

Hello team,

On Monday I was riding my skateboard, but in a moment it stopped, I touched the engine and it was hot. I want to ask you about it, I do not know if I can fix my motor or I need a new one, I have attached video for your help. I want to make sure that the error is the motor and not the VESC.


BLDC motors have issues starting smoothly from a standstill, but that doesnt seem to be your issue here…

Please post your vesc settings if you want proper help

e: oh yeah crushing it. :+1:

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check the resistance of all three coils, it looks like one is shorted

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could let me to know some manual how I can validate the check the resistance of all three coils?

@Dareno do you have that procedure saved?

can you turn the motor by hand easily?

yes but it sounds weird

without power? everything shut down?

I do not understand your question, but if you want to say when I remove the battery from the speed control, yes, the engine shuts down.

use a multimeter, measure resistance from wire 1 to 2, 2 to 3, and 3 to 1. each measurement should have very close to the same small resistance. the amount of resistance you should expect can be found on the motors specifications

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This is a surefire way of checking the motor status.


@Hansg Do what @olestra and @dareno have said.

You can also try to spin the motor with nothing connected to it. It should spin smoothly and with little noise. If there is noise or resistance, you may have a bad bearing.


Hello friends, I was doing the validations and in the 4 ways it works well.

A-B braking Connect A-C braking Connect BC braking Connect ABC is strong, smooth braking

in this case, it may be the VESC that is damaged, I’m not sure which of the components has problems. I was looking at the VESC and I can program it well, I even put it to change the direction of the motor and take the change

Does it spin smoothly with no wires connected?

yes it spin smoothly with no wires connected