My new built and new creations,using aluminum deck,just photos for judging

hellow everyone, it seems my last topic of New idea of building a Foldable Electric Longboard with Aluminum Deck and housing draw lots of attentions from pro users, so I’d like to open this topic to share some my new eboard recently finished and new creation ideas in drawings and prototype photos to share with the community. thanks for the support and attenction.

by the way, I am also a crazy fan of eboard, especially in design and creating new board with aluminum. hope my photos can somehow inspire us to move forward.

if anyone wanna to see more photos please take a look of our website:

we will keep updating our progress and new items.

also I have some new ideas and creation prototypes ongoing, like to share and learn from you pros for better improvements can be make.

will keep updating if you guys like it and reply the topic.


Those are some beats motors, what’s the size and kv?

What size are those small pneumatic wheels and where can I get them please?

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how much is this full package ?

What kind of speed controllers do you use?

I Use Dual BLDC Motor Sine Wave FOC ESC Electronic Speed Controller 10S 36V for DIY Electric Skateboard It works fantastic for building your own DIY Electric Skateboard. The Dual BLDC Motor Sine Wave FOC ESC allows you to use BLDC Unsensored or Sensorless HUB Motors / Belt-Drive Motors to achieve smooth start-up from a stop versus traditional ESC’s which have trouble starting from a complete stop. Sine Wave (FOC) Field Oriented Control allows your electric skateboard to run with barely any motor noise.

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that depends on specific parameters you wanna it to be. for the photo shown cost me 3000usd with high level solid cnc parts and suspensions.

I mainly use 9’’ tires, and sourced from China factory. 8’’ is easy to get it, 9’’ is customized version per specific requirement.

mainly use 180KV N6354 Sensorless Motor 2000W MOTOR: N6354 KV: 180KV MAX POWER: 2000W MAX AMP: 120A ESC: 30A-120A VOLT: 24V-48V
RATED POWER: 1650W TORQUE: 7.9N/M Empty Load Current: 1AMP Efficiency: 85% SIZE: 50 x 55 ( without shaft, Fits 63mm Motor Mount) WEIGHT (KG): 0.56KG SHAFT: Diameter 10mm, 27mm length



Do you run the store Doc.Knows on Taobao? The products look very similar. There was also another topic where someone saw your EMTB and there was a lot of response from it. Thanks for posting some more info!


yes, we are same team. i am a desingner.


love the square profile of the tires, all the cnc work looks awesome. I just can’t help but feel the tires are too low a profile for any real offroad work. But once again, looks awesome, have you got any video of someone shreding on your gear? would love to see it in action!

wow, this website is full of taobao product, ermm… consider English version of taoabo.

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this must be expensive design. great items.

yes, cnc parts always cost much, but spirit of building solid eboard won’t stop on me, haha I will keep going, any good idea or cnc designs? we can help prototype it.

How about only the drivetrane. I already have a trampa build. Thinking to put that suspension on my trampa. Is that possible? I already have battery and esc and board.

trampa is really solid build, i saw some photos and seems mbs also do the same like trampa, can you show your build and parts here? i am not sure my drivetrain will work well with yours truck and wheels