My New Electric Skateboard Video

I just posted a new video on my electric skateboard, I think it came out pretty well, let me know if you would like to see a full build process video! Thanks, Michael


Nice build!

Gotta get yourself a helmet.


wear a helmet god damn


Beautiful ride location! Where is it?

Great video. But NEVER ride on a street with anything motorized with sandals! EVER. I have seen some REALLY gnarly spills at slow speeds that wouldnt have been so bad if they were wearing regular shoes.

Whats the top speed and whats your 0-20 acceleration? Nice build, but I hate when people say crazy fast when it’s not. Crazy fast is 50 mph+…

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I’d consider anything past 40mph crazy fast myself :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sounds like a challenge :thinking:

HelmetHelmet,Helmet,Helmet,Helmet, Nice music by the way

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@michaeld33 please man wear a helmet and shoes always! Great job on the build, we’d love to see a build thread here on the forum.

@Jinra I lol’d because for me, anything above 26 MPH feels crazy fast for casual esk8. Beyond that you better be in leathers, full face helmet, and hopefully on a closed course.

@Mrmoonlight @link5505 @Namasaki @mikey @evoheyax @kyo @treenutter Woah a lot of people pointing out the helmet! Yeah I ALWAYS wear a helmet, I didnt want to for the video, so instead I had people standing where the cars were coming from saying to watch out because I was shooting a video and they needed to drive slow. As for the “CRAZY” Fast Part, yeah the board goes pretty fast, the video is more for the new esk8er rather than the advanced user, and CRAZY FAST for a normal skateboard is no where near as fast as CRAZY FAST for an ESK8Board. But no it’s not even close to 50mph, more like 25mph.

EDIT: Still no excuse for not wearing a helmet, but this video means a lot to me.

HAHA Absolutely not :joy:

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Out on long island (The Hamptons), but my usual ride spot is in NYC. Just out here for the summer

Nothing like riding in NYC, but I gotta get out to Long Island sometime. Smooth empty roads for miles. Don’t have to much of that around here.

NYC is amazing, great people and great places, but there is something about cruising down a flat empty road for MILES on end.

woow its really good which skateboard it is :slightly_smiling_face: