My new monster from BajaBoard 2019

Thanks man, yes I am new at here, my board is brand new comes from the factory the Samsung cells is just available to the Pantera. My board have the same aspects . Thanks for the extra information

lmao:joy::rofl: 10 char

Gotta say I love that grip tape, that board wouldn’t look out of place if it dropped out of a NASA lander on Mars. Well ware, that’s lovely.

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Hi everyone,

I am new on this site… I have a GX4 2018.08 Bajaboard. I got it 2nd hand with 17miles on it. Unfortunately about 2 weeks ago I decided to tinker with it and take a look under the “hood” so to speak. I had just finished cleaning out the battery compartment and was putting the 900Wh 30Q battery pack back when it happened… I did not pay to much attention to this little white & frayed wire coming out from the pack… I should have known better (I am an Aerospace Engineer so I am a perfectionist with OCD). so as I was putting the batter back into the bay, the little white wire touched the “contactor”.

so now I am not 100% sure if my battery pack is still any good or where the this little white wire is to be attached to, but it seems like it is a loop that was not suppose to be out side the battery pack… Nor do I know if the mother board is working properly since it seems to keep vibrating on me when I power it on.

So at this point I am giving up and looking to upgrade the mother board to the 2019 MB w/ Tank mode. buying the 1.1KWh battery pack, I am also looking to get the 110A controllers, the 16T pulley. I am not sure if I want to go with their motors just yet. does anyone here have any suggestions on motor upgrades? I want to stay with 6374, but I am not sure which motor would be an upgrade to what Baja is offering since they have not revealed the specs to their motor. I have asked, but they are staying silent…

my playground is sunny silicon valley CA where the weather is always nice. and I am looking for more top speed. I use my board to commute to work and everywhere in Santa Clara county.

YES I am used to speeds in the high 30mps to low 40mph. I first started speeding with a VISA Dirtsurfer about 15years ago when only gas was available.

All suggestions on upgrading the motors would be welcomed.


Nice set up!

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Did you fix it? The only white wires in mine are the temp sensors - they attach to the BMS (soldered directly onto the FETs, to pull them to ground and thus disconnect upon overheat)

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