My new monster from BajaBoard 2019

Configuration :

Board will have as follows:

  • 4WD with 4 x 6374 motors
  • 4 x 110A motor controllers
  • 1.1kWh high power discharge battery pack, Samsung 30Q
  • White powdercoating of parts as shown in Jota picture
  • Jota grip tape on deck
  • Standard Baja lights
  • Both wheels and controller are standard plastic typeimage image image image image

Animali enjoy!


I will my board have the same configuration of the Pantera

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Jota, classic motorcycle marque

Pantera, classic car marque

Very evocative naming

Probably the owners of the rights to De Tomaso and Laverda may not feel the same :grin:

U probably don’t know Jota come from the British car racing company and Pantera is Italian, Portuguese and Spanish means Panthers (black or yellow feline ) in English. I don’t think do u know nothing about that :joy:.

I like it man, you basicly have my Evo set up on a Baja, prepare for the torque its brutal. There will be alot of brown stains in your pants even after you get used to it.

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There’s a lot either of us doesn’t know…the point is historic Motorsport using names derived from that.

The edit you made bears that out :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Pantera = Panther who would have guessed? Motorsport

Ok maybe Baja (racing event) are really into heavy metal

I would absolutely love to own a bajaboard. Enjoy that thing for all of us who can’t afford it.

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How cares man, I don’t give a shit. That’s is no the point. Is very stupid discussion about where the name came from, I have better stuff to do.

No man u can, I save like anyone else cost me 7 k honestly is lots of money but is one present to my self. Sometimes is go do something to you self :+1: think about u deserve too.

Agreed I could care less, welcome


So are you going to make a build or just ride the Baja?

My plan are learning more about DY and modify after the warranty of course

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Starting with the Pantera and repainting or the G4X and upgrading?

No hahaha in the right time look that image

This board is sick hahah

The guys don’t joke about the power and how fast this board can go

7k is a ton of money. I could buy a decent car at that price.

Man if u don’t have one car off course that need be your priority, but I brought and I definitely don’t regret is powerful and can easily move one car I so impressed with the quality of this board.

But is BajaBoard is the more expensive board on the market but I guaranty worthy every cent

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Did this board come from the factory like this or is it pre owned/used?

In the 2017, 2018 models, I don’t think they used Samsung 30q cells. May have changed. Or is it your plan to use 30q cells in the future?

Are you new to the diy side of esk8? If so, welcome.

If you end up modifying the drive train and battery, it’s all or nothing. The motor stock controllers are not modifiable. The stock remote cannot be used with different motor controllers.

Nice board, good luck. Just some helpful info I suspect you will eventually want to know.

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you seem to think everyone can just go buy themselves a 7k board. most budget boards on this site are well under 1k and its the best most people can afford.