My Parts List (please read over)

Can someone please check over this lost and make sure I’m on the right track? Im still new to this all and would love some guidance/suggestions. FYI I’m running the 6 cell batteries in series, Thanks.

Batteries - $148.40 -

Motor Mount - Purchased

Vesc BLDC Speed Controller - ???

Remote and Receiver - $16 -

Trucks - Blue - $28 -

Wheels - Clear Blue 83mm - $46.00 -

Pulley Drive System - 12mm - $39.00 -

Truck Riser - $7.25 - Enertion

Motor - $107.18 -

All in Australian dollars and trying to order from Australian websites thanks

You didnt mention if you are runniny 6s or 12s…probably 12s am I rgiht? with 6s you would ahve quite low max speed :slight_smile: for 6s your max speed will be quit low:{“batt-type-lipo”:1,“batt-cells”:6,“motor-kv”:149,“system-efficiency”:90,“motor-pulley-teeth”:15,“wheel-pulley-teeth”:36,“wheel-size”:83}| for 12s:{“batt-type-lipo”:1,“batt-cells”:12,“motor-kv”:149,“system-efficiency”:90,“motor-pulley-teeth”:15,“wheel-pulley-teeth”:36,“wheel-size”:83}|

The remote is just transmitter, it does NOT include reciever :slight_smile:

yeah you buy the two separately but they are on the same website, $11 for receiver and $16 for remote

and yeah 12s

Exactly, order seperstly but it Will ship togheter anyways

The motor has no 3mm shaft for key. If you buy the pulley system from enertion you will have to cut on side of a hanger on the trucks to fit it (or you can buy 1 narrow truck and one normal for front wheels:

yeah I was going to buy the narrow and normal tucks, but what do you mean by the shaft key? Is that what you need for the smaller wheel to fit?

no, the turnigy has a round shaft so if you put a pulley with a round hole on it, it wont hold in place = it wont transmit the power of motor…thats why the enrtion motor pulley has the smole square hole in it ( as you can see on the black motor pulley…then tere is a small iron block you put inside the pulley, but there must also be a hole in the motor shaft, so the block fits between motor pulley and shaft of the motor…it “connects” the motor pulley with the shaft…ASUFHAOiufnh I cant speak English that well to explain this :smiley: :smiley: I hope u get it, if not I will send you some pictures to explain that :smiley:

shaft key is the small thing you put between Motor pulley and shaft of the motor :slight_smile:

The Enertion motor pulley has a slot, where you put a shaftkey in, which you´ll also need on your motor shaft. This keeps your motor pulley on your motor shaft. SK3 motors do have normal shafts without a keyway, so if you want that technique, you have to file down one side of the motor shaft. You´ll find a tutorial around somewhere here for that. The other option is to glue your pulley to your motorshaft with 648 loctite. That´s what lot´s of people are doing.

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and there’s no way to glue it or something in place? Think I get it but not 100%

wow thanks think I get to now. Just clarifying that means that everything I have is good?

@TarzanHBK Thank you :smiley:

Yep, everything is good :slight_smile:

If you already order so much from enertion, take the vesc-x too, to safe some shipping

And use the code pushingsucks to get an extra 10% off.

The vest-x is so expensive though, is it really necessary to spend that much because I wouldn’t know how to program it or anything

The programming is really easy :slight_smile: guide: VESC-x should be good, but if you want to spend some money, you can go for Maytech VESC (cheap, chinese, sometimes comes without frimware - then you have to really programm it and that sucks) or DIY’s (they would have to ship it from the USA, but it is quite cheap and still reliable) IDK if there are any autralian vendors except enertion, maybe you could get one used from someone on this frum :slight_smile:

You also might find some interesting information (or ask) here:

Buying from somebody on here is a good idea, I just really don’t want to spend $200 on a vesc, I still don’t understand what the difference between a good and bad vesc/esc is