My plan for my build

Hello I am currently in the planning phase of my electric longboard and wanted the opinion of others. This is my first build ever and I have decided to do a dual drive. My plan is…

caliber trucks enertion motor mount 90 mm flywheels 2 vescs from enertion 2 8000 mAh 30c zippy batteries 14 teeth and 30 teeth pulleys

and either ntm prop drive 270 kv (which I can’t seem to find anywhere) turnigy sk3 280 kv (back ordered by seems like a good buy) Turnigy g160 290kv (again back ordered but a good buy) Alien power systems 270 kv hev (my favorite but currently out of stock)

I am open to advice and suggestions

What voltage are you running? Those are really high kv and will probably be over the rpm limit for vesc.

I suppose they are 6s lipo

@lox897 i’ve got myself a 270kv motor and 2 3s 5000mAh lipo batteries and a vesc is that going to work still?

@nick191 I think that is under the rpm limit which is good. Maybe check with @chaka just in case.

Are you in Europe I will be starting a group buy very soon

Motors ajay?? :grinning: i need some!

depending on how heavy you are, you are going to have some heat problems with vesc and 6s with that motor

Motors and escs

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jesus! gimme that! do you already have a link?

They will be the same as these

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I don’t know much about this. What do you mean what voltage am I running? And what is an rpm limit exactly?

Your battery voltage. Is it 10S, 6S? The ERPM limit is 60,000 and if your setup has a kv that is too high the DRV chip on the vesc may blow.

I have 2 6 s batteries

In parallel or series?

which would you suggest

Depends what motor you have