My pro 4 space cell has gone into menu mode

Hello everyone!

My pro 4 had gone into its menu mode, I can control it but what should I set it to, to get a proper reading of the battery?

set to L10 (10 cell series)

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

I set mine to L10, but when I turn it off/on it reverts to L3

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Maybe you have to press and hold to confirm? or maybe something is pressing the button down and resetting it?

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I tightened it to much, so I pushed the screen intell it hit L10 turned It off then on then it reset. All good now!

Are you pressing the actual screen or the button on the back of the screen? My Space Cell came with the BMS on top of the screen and it was pressed up against the button so that it was accidentally getting pressed whenever you pushed the screen or around it. Had to move it.

@Mrmoonlight When the enclosure is screwed down tight I can press the screen or around the screen and it presses the button on the back. After its set I loosened the enclosure then it’s all good. Hah that is the lazy way to do it. it works and I would recommend not doing it all the time or pressing to hard on the screen to hard,