My Trampa build

Decided to get into electric skateboards by taking the most expensive, most effort route possible. Not sure if I’d do it all again this way but it’s been a lot of fun and I love the end result.

Plan was to build off of a trampa holypro, using the e-toxx mini direct drive gears. Initially I just wanted to get things going so I used a 10ah 10S lipo, and eventually built a 12ah 10S 18650 pack.

After the initial build, overall it rode great however one thing really stood out. The spring/dampening system was just too stiff.

After trying a number of different options that I wasn’t happy with I decided to have my own springs made. I contacted a local spring manufacturer and gave them the standard trampa spring. Asked them to make a spring with 50% of the springyness (technical term) with an extra 5mm in length. I asked for the extra length because the trampa springs had popped out when used without the internal dampeners.

These springs were stupidly expensive so I had 4 sets made to offset costs a bit. Of course I had no idea if I was getting something that would work well, however I decided that it was better to get a spring that was slightly too soft and fix it with a dampener than something too stiff and waste my money, and indeed on their own the springs were too soft.

However after a bit tuning I’ve finally come up with a configuration that rides beautifully, I’ve got dampeners in the back and none in the front, with the spring tension adjusted to suit the type of riding I’m doing for the day. It is damn near perfect.

The one last feature I want to add is an XT90 loop that will allow me to switch between my internal battery and an external I can carry in a backpack for extra long off road rides. Maybe one day.

Board and motors arrived first…



VESC/Receiver going into 3d printed case…


V1 complete and ridden for about 2 months. As much as I love riding with the bindings, I fly for a living and cant afford a broken ankle. So they had to go.


The new Springs


Three different wheels but I like the 6" the best.


Got tired of the external battery and saw this amazing battery enclosure on, so I made a new battery and gasket and transfered all my gear.





Designed and 3d printed those little wings to catch my heal and toes. They just PLA but so far they have been incredibly sturdy and add just a bit of extra bite to my feet without the bindings.



Black counter sunk screws are on their way, and then maybe I can call this complete :slight_smile: