My Very First 33mph 10 mile board for under $250..!

So im not gonna blabber on this for like agesss. I apologise for any spelling mistakes…it is 2am but yeah…

For anyone out there whos looking to build a Electric board I 1000000% recommend you have some sort of workshop/garage with lots of tools. If it wasnt for my dad well id be lost ha.

Parts list:

Turnigy SK3 5055 320kv 2 x Turnigy 5ah 11.1v 20c In series 120a hobbyking boat esc (a little more on this later) Pulleys and belt i bought on ebay (uk + links below) Winning 2.4ghz controller from china The motor mount i made from scratch and welded to the trucks.

So thats all you really need. It worked out to be about £200 think thats something like 250usd.

I honestly dont have clue how i get 10 miles (crusing at 20-25mph most the way!) and thats with the LVC on at 3.2v.

Charging situation…currently i just use the balance leads to charge…they take about 7 hours to charge but i dont really mind about this.

Im currently in the process of making a “copy” of the loaded dervish deck. Ive ordered the kegel wheels and trucks etc. The deck ive make of 5.5mm plywood (3 sheets together) if anyone wants to buy one drop me a message or PM! They will be about £40, they will have the flex aswell! This add the price of whole build to around £100 more but u…know who cares!!

Now the esc…well its 120a and my motor is only 65a so it doesnt get above 100 degrees (F) the only issues is the breaks…there not bad but they could be a little better.

So hope that wraps everything up. Any questions drop them down below or in my PM’s! As for the decks let me know they look just a like haha!! I will include pics of the finished build in a couple days :slight_smile:

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I meant loaded vanguard haha. Same one as the boosted board

Very interested in seeing how your build and especially the deck will come out :slight_smile:

Do you have pics of the making process of the deck?

@Lukas Will post some tommorow. Not currently at the workshop, it looks identical to the loaded vanguard though

except the vinyl. ive got this picture but that literlly it haha.


There’s no way a 4s system on a single 50mm motor doesn’t go over 100f at 33mph. The amps you’re pulling should easily get well above those temperatures, especially on inclines.

Forgot to mention that each battery is 3s. @Jinra

Woops my bad. Still though, 100F is pretty cool for a motor. Is it pretty flat around your area?

@Jinra i only have to go up and down one really steep hill. Other than that its flat.